Camera3: Ignore Pic Channel native PP mask for reprocess

-Picture channel's PP mask is used to avoid 2-pass reprocess
 in cases where the native stream(non-zsl fallback) has already
 run through PP pipeline in usecases like 4k or currently YUV ZSL.
-However this mask is irrelavant for framework reprocess input,
 since the source stream could have pp connected or disconnected
 based on mask.
-Even if the source stream's pp mask is non-zero there could be
 some pp operations requested as part of the reprocess request
 necessiating a second PP pass
-The above situation can also happen in case of API1 Bidirectional
 ZSL, but works due to the fact that Native fallback and F/W ZSL streams
 are tied together always with a PP mask of 0
-Such an assumption can become valid even for YUV reprocess once
 online reprocess is enabled for YUV streams.

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