Make /dev/ttyHSL0 a console_device

dumpsys SurfaceFlinger fails from the serial console on shamu, due
to the following denial:

  130|shell@shamu:/ # dumpsys SurfaceFlinger
  [137872.560340] type=1400 audit(1424979152.669:27): avc: denied { read write } for pid=7158 comm="dumpsys" path="/dev/ttyHSL0" dev="tmpfs" ino=11306 scontext=u:r:surfaceflinger:s0 tcontext=u:object_r:tty_device:s0 tclass=chr_file permissive=0
  Error dumping service info: (Unknown error -2147483646) SurfaceFlinger

/dev/ttyHSL0 is improperly marked as a tty_device, not as a console device.
As a result, the console allow rule in binderservicedomain.te is
never getting hit, and the operation is denied.

Make sure /dev/ttyHSL0 is properly labeled as a console device.

Bug: 19528296
Change-Id: I42449b16ecd2335b7fada68c0939be64e1671150
1 file changed