Add shamu-specific service_manager access.

Commit: cd82557d4069c20bda8e18aa7f72fc0521a3ae32 removes the global
find and list service_manager permissions.  Add those that are
currently, but not explicitly, used.

Bug: 18106000

Change-Id: Ie0ce8de2af8af2cbe4ce388a2dcf4534694c994a
diff --git a/sepolicy/rild.te b/sepolicy/rild.te
index 69069ae..00f32f8 100644
--- a/sepolicy/rild.te
+++ b/sepolicy/rild.te
@@ -26,3 +26,5 @@
 # Allow permissions for FSG
 allow rild fsg_file:dir search;
 allow rild fsg_file:file r_file_perms;
+allow rild mediaserver_service:service_manager find;