shamu: update prebuilt kernel

1d1e668 mdss: lock the offlock mutex correctly
7fb582a msm: mdss: fix concurrency between add vsync handler and stop
e552aee Revert "Revert "ASoC: msm: disable unwanted module""
58b3b88 Revert "ASoC: msm: disable unwanted module"
959c192 ASoC: msm: disable unwanted module
0bd1241 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Verify SSID length
4ed153e net: wireless: bcmdhd: check privilege on priv cmd
d056185 ASoC: msm: audio-effects: fix stack overread and heap overwrite
5052ea1 msm: mdss: fix possible out-of-bounds and overflow issue in mdp debugfs
403a9d5 ASoC: msm: Add bounds checking to ADM get params
c8bb574 msm: camera: ispif: Validate VFE num input during reset
07020d5 ANDROID: dm verity fec: add sysfs attribute fec/corrected

Linux version 3.10.40-g1d1e668 (
(gcc version 4.8 (GCC) )
 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 18 22:50:22 UTC 2016

Bug: 22655252
Bug: 26425765
Bug: 26571522
Bug: 27240072
Bug: 27407629
Bug: 27407865
Bug: 27531992
Bug: 27555248
Bug: 27600832
Bug: 27928374
Bug: 27947307
Bug: 28160740
Change-Id: I33d28bdcee34efbbe01c9038cb5b297a31bb3b70
Signed-off-by: Tim Murray <>
diff --git a/zImage-dtb b/zImage-dtb
index d8ce77d..f62c885 100644
--- a/zImage-dtb
+++ b/zImage-dtb
Binary files differ