shamu: Update prebuilt kernel

436748e shamu: Enable sdcardfs
a763f35 sdcardfs: remove unneeded __init and __exit
b404a7e sdcardfs: Remove unused code
7ef362f sdcardfs: remove effectless config option
76af9ad inotify: Fix erroneous update of bit count
0c90bfa sdcardfs: Add support for d_canonicalize
d08a6af vfs: add d_canonical_path for stacked filesystem support
0c7ce65 sdcardfs: Bring up to date with Android M permissions:
a927ba6 sdcardfs: Changed type-cast in packagelist management
8f63ed4 sdcardfs: port to 3.10
59ecaa2 Initial port of sdcardfs

Bug: 27794037
Change-Id: I9072cb960a5670a80f41693ebb37a1fffb2637f7
1 file changed
tree: a60208ba67f448e9646e2e9adc47ad6dd2db86d3
  1. zImage-dtb