shamu: update prebuilt kernel [ DO NOT MERGE ]

d7a9e70 ANDROID: binder: Clear binder and cookie when setting handle in flat binder struct
465d512 ANDROID: binder: Add strong ref checks
b8f4ebd qseecom: validate the inputs of __qseecom_send_modfd_resp
82e433a msm: mdss: Correct block id check for mdss_mdp_misr_table
0fdf005 msm: crypto: Fix integer overflow check in qcedev driver
b136592 msm: camera: sensor: Fix use after free condition
a38a16d msm: camera: restructure data handling to be more robust
e2925d2 arm64: dma-mapping: always clear allocated buffers
60aa1ae binder: prevent kptr leak by using %pK format specifier
eaa4a16 BACKPORT: tcp: make challenge acks less predictable
eb37c0c UPSTREAM: net: Fix use after free in the recvmmsg exit path
26780ea ASoC: check for null function pointer for dummy device read/write
9725447 msm: mdss: Fix to validate data copied from user space
3f3c8a8 usb: gadget: f_usbnet: zero out CRC padding
4c8f287 staging: android: Change %p to %pK in debug messages

Linux version 3.10.40-gd7a9e70 (
(gcc version 4.8 (GCC) )
 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 24 20:12:50 UTC 2016 ( nyc )

Bug: 28838221
Bug: 29157595
Bug: 29513227
Bug: 29795245
Bug: 29914434
Bug: 29999665
Bug: 30019716
Bug: 30102557
Bug: 30143283
Bug: 30148243
Bug: 30445380
Bug: 30515201
Bug: 30768347
Bug: 30809774
Bug: 30874196
Change-Id: Ic35dfd1cfca372464d1b4e3841adbb00fb51e00f
Source-Branch: android-msm-shamu-3.10-nyc
Signed-off-by: Patrick Tjin <>
(cherry picked from commit 802034bd79edf9eff1956c0e598ab0b1a1a75c45)
diff --git a/zImage-dtb b/zImage-dtb
index c6d19b4..42a9900 100644
--- a/zImage-dtb
+++ b/zImage-dtb
Binary files differ