abox_edge: Remove references to ultrasound32 and audible32

These were mentioned in comment sections of the conf file but these
pairing modes are no longer supported.

BUG: 26441921
Change-Id: Ic61bea0d0bba2ef1e92be71007952f9b593cf8eb
diff --git a/base_product/weaved.conf b/base_product/weaved.conf
index 74c4649..12a7ac5 100644
--- a/base_product/weaved.conf
+++ b/base_product/weaved.conf
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
 # wifi_auto_setup_enabled=true
 # List of pairing modes supported by device.
-# Values can be one of pinCode, embeddedCode, ultrasound32, audible32.
+# Values can be one of: pinCode, embeddedCode.
 # Defaults to pinCode if embedded_code_path is empty, or embeddedCode otherwise.