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The following instructions will help you to flash partition table and
prebuilt bootloader onto Poplar board.
* Find a USB disk formated with FAT file system, copy fastboot.bin and
recovery_files/ folder onto the disk.
* Attach the USB disk to USB port J2 (next to IR receiver), and power on
Poplar board with button S3 (USB_BOOT) pressed until following
messages are seen on serial output.
Entry usb bootstrap
Usb disk(1):
Decrypt auxiliary code ...OK
* Hit any key to stop U-Boot autoboot and get into the prompt.
* Run U-Boot commands below to install partition table and bootloader.
poplar# usb reset
poplar# fatload usb 0:1 ${scriptaddr} recovery_files/install.scr
poplar# source ${scriptaddr}
These instructions are only necessary for initial bootloader
installation or board unbricking. Once the initial installation is
completed, you can update bootloader with fastboot support as below.
* Connect Poplar (USB port J2) to PC with a Male-to-Male USB cable.
* Power on Poplar, get into U-Boot prompt and run command below.
poplar# fastboot 0
* On PC side, run command below to update the bootloader.
$ fastboot flash mmcsda1 loader.bin
To install the AOSP images, use fastboot commands as below.
$ fastboot flash mmcsda2 boot.img
$ fastboot flash mmcsda3 system.img
$ fastboot flash mmcsda5 vendor.img
$ fastboot flash mmcsda6 cache.img
$ fastboot flash mmcsda7 userdata.img