poplar-kernel: Update kernel to 4.9.109

b4194f5942fa ARM64: poplar: Add build.config.poplar
912351e2c2ee arm64: poplar_defconfig: build in RTL8822BU driver support
773866340e65 rtl88x2bu: support built-in for Android support
b700b8d4c6a9 Initial empty commit
5c76291df098 hisilicon: vfmw: fix include path of teek_client_api.h
de9b7c89dfc0 hisilicon: vdec: fix uninitialized 'stBuf.bTvp' error with HI_TEE_SUPPORT
beaf131821c8 arm64: poplar_defconfig: disable CONFIG_ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN for now
8643ac14cb7d arm64: poplar_defconfig: renew it agaist 4.9 android-*.cfg
eff0d7e2f23e hisilicon: vfmw: solve the kernel panic by accident when system start up
ad80f54bc173 hisilicon: vpss: modify for passing cts case
3194d4d415f4 hisilicon: vdec: disable CC skip reboot in tunnel mode
295c0d6870fb hisilicon: vdec: support vpss bypass
8a56579be805 hisilicon: vfmw: solve the problem of failure of creating channel in pressure test
355668900c12 hisilicon: vpss: recovery back TEE related process.
a008edb1404b power_supply: add two properties for battery
f3ead7f731ab arm64: poplar_defconfig: enable rtl88x2bu bt and wifi
79e177135627 arm64: dts: poplar: add pmu node
331b6fc31dea realtek: add wifi driver support for rtl88x2bu
422e891d5c75 realtek: add RTL8822BU support
21811eb0d4b7 arm64: poplar_defconfig: enable TEST_POWER
c3702cc7bbfa bluetooth: add support for realtek rtl88x2bu
7cac4686bf06 hisilicon: vfmw: disable frequent log
a194040fc6fc hisilicon: omxvdec: solve vp9 blurred screen in tunnel path
1494ea1fcf92 hisilicon: vfmw: fix the kernel panic issue
74f84fbaf316 hisilicon: aiao: fix ai device create failed
18d16f8f2777 hisilicon: vfmw: solve the problem of kernel compiling
ba57e271a045 tee: optee: use return value of tee_client_* functions correctly
c83a4014c38d Revert "msp: aiao: disable build of HI_ALSA_AI_SUPPORT"
07c9adab751a hisilicon: vpss: disable ZME process for 2 pixel align streams
f5a5cf7e6cd4 hisilicon: vfmw: fixed the compiling issue
40eab2436856 staging: android: ion: add secure smmu agent and client support
8d995448f46f tee: optee: add agent support in tee driver
87b757a14ee9 tee: optee: add teek interface to support kernel CA
318103b88509 arm64: poplar_defconfig: enable HI_TEE_SUPPORT
29c7373b896c hisilicon: add build option HI_TEE_SUPPORT
03d1a7b09e22 hisilicon: smmu: add smmu driver agent support
bf9344a46050 arm64: dts: poplar: add fstab entry under android node
4f180eb54ed3 arm64: configs: poplar_defconfig: enable CONFIG_CMDLINE_PARTITION
e757614d4f4a hisilicon: omxvdec: fix the video freeze issue when changing resolution of vp9 streams.
b5a33a229456 hisilicon: vfmw: add tvp adapter code.
e1815b3eba5b ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix potential crash when reserved_mb is not zero
8e52b94e19d8 Linux 4.9.109

Bug: 110793466
Test: Manual

Change-Id: I252f069db70c09d4e5a1cb5a75b225983358ce0f
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
2 files changed
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