hikey960: hikey: add target for AOSP TV builds

- Add a hikey960_tv-userdebug lunch target.
- Add a hikey_tv-userdebug lunch target.
- Use the TvSampleLeanbackLauncher to replace Launcher 3.
- Removed navbar and notification bar.
- Increased DPI to 260
- Added TvSetting to replace Settings
- non tv targets remain unaffected.

Minor Issue with AOSP TV:
- WiFi connection UI doesn't have a "next" button.
To be able to connect we have to use third-party apps
- hikey boots to UI with kernel 4.4 or less

Test: Builds and boots to Leanback Launcher UI

Change-Id: I43fa609f486bfa71482b62bf36dff15bcd46647c
Signed-off-by: Sahaj Sarup <sahaj.sarup@linaro.org>
7 files changed