hieky-kernel: Update kernel 4.1 prebuilt to use Image-dtb (f61d500)

f61d500 ARM64: hikey: Add Image-dtb as build target
34f86f4 HACK: ARM64: Replace default target from Image.gz-dtb to Image-dtb
885fee2 arm64: config: enable appended dtb for hikey
3431db5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.1' into android-hikey-linaro-4.1-aosp
ae09c49 ARM64: Ignore Image-dtb from git point of view
392f428 arm64: add option to build Image-dtb
cc4b07f Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.1' into android-hikey-linaro-4.1-aosp
d2cbf5d hisi_ion: Fix section mismatch
534707f ANDROID: dm verity fec: pack the fec_header structure
0bb2662 ANDROID: restrict access to perf events
7d29f03 FROMLIST: security,perf: Allow further restriction of perf_event_open
279dabb BACKPORT: perf tools: Document the perf sysctls
b9c954b UPSTREAM: arm64: module: avoid undefined shift behavior in reloc_data()
0cb0110 UPSTREAM: arm64: module: fix relocation of movz instruction with negative immediate
f12fa6a ANDROID: dm: use default verity public key
2032c03 ANDROID: dm: fix signature verification flag
a99dfd6 ANDROID: usb: gadget: f_midi: set fi->f to NULL when free f_midi function
771a43a UPSTREAM: USB: fix invalid memory access in hub_activate()
20d3229 UPSTREAM: tty: Fix unsafe ldisc reference via ioctl(TIOCGETD)
e02e2e1 UPSTREAM: procfs: fixes pthread cross-thread naming if !PR_DUMPABLE
0866e61 ANDROID: dm: use name_to_dev_t
63e1ac5 dm: fix dm_substitute_devices()
2d152db usb: dual-role: make stub functions inline
219568f net: pppolac/pppopns: Replace msg.msg_iov with iov_iter_kvec()
42c5d17 vfs: change d_canonical_path to take two paths
4ce138c fuse: Add support for d_canonical_path
dc728ee ANDROID: dm: rename dm-linear methods for dm-android-verity
856b2d2 Revert "net: socket ioctl to reset connections matching local address"
a6be188 Revert "Don't kill IPv4 sockets when killing IPv6 sockets was requested."
c576974 Revert "net: fix crash in tcp_nuke_addr()"
2677de1 Revert "net: fix iterating over hashtable in tcp_nuke_addr()"
27fddbe BACKPORT: selinux: restrict kernel module loading
db2399f android: base-cfg: enable CONFIG_QUOTA
caa4c97 android: base-cfg: Add CONFIG_INET_DIAG_DESTROY
13d217f cpufreq: interactive: only apply interactive boost when enabled
93c059b cpufreq: interactive: fix policy locking
c284661 ANDROID: dm verity fec: add sysfs attribute fec/corrected
a627cc1 sdcardfs: remove unneeded __init and __exit
e2bc278 sdcardfs: Remove unused code
232e4bb ANDROID: dm: Minor cleanup

Change-Id: I551a2f67f6fb8c0710acc38612e34635c90a3a1f
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
2 files changed
tree: e5feddc8ee1d3b89602ca16b4f08061bf246025a
  1. hi6220-hikey.dtb
  2. hi6220-hikey.dtb-4.1
  3. Image-dtb
  4. Image-dtb-4.1