mako: update prebuilt kernel

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This prebuilt comes from:
branch: android-msm-mako-3.4-clean-wip

The branch above is a clean-history version of the mako kernel, synced to the
tip of Qualcomms jb_2.5 kernel with some reverts to get mako working again.
Most notably, the camera drivers track those in jb_vanilla instead of jb_2.5.

Top 50 commits:

8d56489 mako_defconfig: enable kickstarter bridge over usb
f444e12 msm: vidc: add support for the bitstream_restrict flag
8298037 mako_defconfig: disable the LGE crash handler
24a8035 Revert "msm_fb: display: Copy splash image to kernel memory"
31c05fa mako: update board files to jb_2.5
5b23668 mako: add missing include to board-mako-camera.c
664d1ce msm_ipc_logging: mark inline functions __always_inline
1cbd20da msm_ion: convert enum to #defines
7b76724 remove legacy_ion.h
97b83c2 Revert "Revert "mako: enable lgit lcd driver""
ef1120d Revert "ASoC: msm: Decrease the playback period size of PCM driver"
d477b42 power: pm8921-bms: fix divide by 0 issue when charging
bd000f8 Revert "use msm8960_defconfig instead of mako_defconfig"
e163bf6 sched_avg: add run queue averaging.
2b64f6b pm8xxx-adc: add the functions to set tuning parameters
4a52ad6 power: pm8921-charger: fix sub revision check
dd8dd68 power: pm8921-charger: distinguish between PMIC 3.0.1 and 3.0
37c59c5 power: pm8921-bms: increase accuracy of voltage during charging adjusting
1819bd4 power: pm8921-bms: fix soc rising from 99% to 100% during discharging
491b58e Revert "msm: power: Revert LGE power patches"
b8c65bc Revert "msm: power: update power drivers to msm-3.4 tip"
2625e45 Revert "msm: power: update copyright markings"
a0e2488 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: don't apply kickstart unless it is 8921 pmic"
0fd7b8e Revert "power: pm8921-bms: fix the mismatch of container_of member type"
995c4f6 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: fix a potential array out of bound access"
4f9e5f5 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: Support multiple vbus requests"
c5d10ae Revert "power: pm8921-charger: disable AICL"
3d24446 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: force 19.2Mhz while writing to a register"
c77ba17 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: add boundary check for out of bounds issues"
7e2ca03 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: Do not update "type" property of usb_psy"
aef8a2e Revert "power: charger: need sometime to handle the usb disconnecting events"
6c86095 mako_defconfig: Enable HIDDEV
ded6f5f mako: display: enable lcd color temperature calibration
41d2bb9 usb: gadget: rndis: Fix re-binding f_rndis
a860910 Revert "sched: add PF_WAKE_UP_IDLE"
b2ce782 Revert "sched: add sysctl for controlling task migrations on wake"
6f2b210 Revert "sched_avg: add run queue averaging"
b97a4cf crypto: Add support for crypto engine 5.0
fad0cfa msm: rtb: Add support for device tree
bdc5d8d prima: release v3.2.2.1a
960c8ec sync: fix timeout = 0 wait behavior
5b5e7c9 sync: don't log wait timeouts when timeout = 0
450268f base: sync: Include seq_file.h in sync.h
0b4b7f1 sync: add Documentation/sync.txt
7b3f249 msm: display: clear suspend flag at end of mdp4_dsi_video_on
ce7028c msm: camera: Fix the deadlock in msm_cam_server
ac14bd4 msm: camera: Avoid kernel crash on abnormal invoking the camera focus
fe2246c mako: debug: Fix the buffer overflow on dumping logs
1d36299 switch: Reset device's drvdata before destroying it
a515e61 mako: EHCI: HSIC: Add support to vote for SVS digital voltage

Change-Id: I7592618366a4a71cd2daf3beab92b4de73006f71
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
1 file changed
tree: cc9d0794aec0dc175825b1c4353efe40b9f9b40e
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