mako: update prebuilt kernel

-- KGSL update:
	-- General Dispatcher corner-case cleanup.  Some timing-related corner
	   cases crept up and many of these are cleanup/fixes.
	-- Fault cleanups.  Improve how faults are handled to ensure the right
	   behavior is taken by KGSL and the GPU when recovering from different
	   GPU faults (mostly related to IOMMU).

0e630cb msm: kgsl: Move validation of user data after copy_from_user
37b87f0 msm: kgsl: Fix page align allocation overflow
8ca6f9f msm: kgsl: Use the correct length when looking for address collision
bfa4898 msm: kgsl: show timestamp in sync dump
6ac3cf0 msm: kgsl: On IOMMU fault force a hard reset
28b7f57 msm: kgsl: Define new fault type for IOMMU fault
675db1c msm: kgsl: Do not overwrite dispatcher fault
c161612 msm: kgsl: Do not register additional IOMMU faults
584df35 msm: kgsl: Clear dispatcher fault bit if inflight commands are 0
377df83 msm: kgsl: Free the cmdbatch when it fails to be requeued
f7ca65f msm: kgsl: Max the expired timestamp of invalidated context
2eae936 msm: kgsl: Fix draw context fair scheduling in the dispatcher
6ed07b9 msm: kgsl: Check whether context is detached before updating timestamp
456f1ab msm: kgsl: Do not delete command batch unless it's retired
95094db msm: kgsl: Store process private pointer in context
dfde2b0 msm: kgsl: Hold a reference to process private when creating context
e81df32 msm: kgsl: Hold the plist spinlock to protect nodes
a9ec7a5 msm: kgsl: Improve the dispatcher issuecmds loop
85b8c4b msm: kgsl: Implement KGSL fault tolerance policy in the dispatcher
1fa3b0f msm: kgsl: Check the return value of _kgsl_context_get()
4d00a99 msm: kgsl: fix a race condition when calling kref_put
ed33f3b msm: kgsl: Allow sync points to be created on the submitter's context
b0d191b msm: kgsl: Support generic GPU trace events
247b296 msm: kgsl: Try to run soft reset on all targets that support it
bff289b msm: kgsl: Configure FT behaviour from sysfs instead of debugfs
07e2d18 msm: kgsl: GPU soft reset
fb46c05 msm: kgsl: guard all mem_idr operations with the mem_lock
aa7a7ad msm: kgsl: Fix addressing of FSYNR0 and FSYNR1 registers
35da48e msm: kgsl: Add the event callback symbol to GPU event tracepoints
367b8c4 msm: kgsl: send ringbuffer NOP padding with the next command
db43583 msm: kgsl: Add a ftrace event for adreno context switches
5ea8af9 msm: kgsl: Remove msm-dcvs pwrscale driver
4b4ce69 msm: kgsl: Setup a3xx protection in its start function
5814e1f msm: kgsl: Do not try to resume the device from INIT state
7cb706c msm: kgsl: Option to not stall IOMMU V1 on pagefault based on FT policy
0478177 msm: kgsl: Use the kmalloc/vmalloc trick for the sharedmem page array
3ab3c0f msm: kgsl: Wait for the active_count in kgsl_release()
5fb439f msm: kgsl: use kgsl_mmu_device_setstate() whenever the gpu is idle
fda27c8 msm: kgsl: Check for idle in the fault detection timer
a4b9a23 msm: kgsl: use the same logic in adreno_idle and adreno_isidle
9828b23 msm: kgsl: generate descriptive names for kgsl-timeline
87941e9 msm: kgsl: embed kgsl_context struct in adreno_context struct
b8fb807 msm: kgsl: convert cffdump stub functions to inlines
c152857 msm: kgsl: Use a standard function for register access
d130e00 msm: kgsl: Define register offset array
4da3117 msm: kgsl: Add support for 8226v2
7b4b2c9 msm: kgsl: don't store rptr in struct adreno_ringbuffer
aeb141df msm: kgsl: Fix a missing semicolon in the KGSL IOMMU handler
73da04f msm: kgsl: Enable special case performance counters
189fd95 msm: kgsl: Do not hold memory spinlock when calling find region function
b140ada msm: kgsl: Convert all physical address to type phys_addr_t
ade7819 msm: kgsl: Make cff capture a device specific property
0dfef73 msm: kgsl: Remove nap_allowed variable and functionality
14a9198 msm: kgsl: Bypass SP counter 4 on A33x
577326b msm: kgsl: Do not start performance counters if not present
be4a4bd msm: kgsl: Use ion_share_dma_buf_fd to get ion fd
cb0c0b8 msm: kgsl: tracepoint cleanup
fa8d6d7 msm: kgsl: Remove the skip counting code from the trustzone policy
4ce3e42 msm: kgsl: Always resume the GPU regardless of its state
6dda53c msm: kgsl: set active pwrlevel to init pwrlevel after power collapse
a500899 msm: kgsl: Check pagetable pointer before dereferencing it
cd4f535 msm: kgsl: Provide a sysfs interface to force GPU clocks/bus on
dc38bb1 msm: kgsl: Fail if sysfs or debugfs initialization fails
db99a67 msm: kgsl: Add support for coresight
3ce232d gpu: msm: Allow retries for 0 order allocation
9dfade2 msm: kgsl: Add fault count to snapshot debugfs
181a7a4 msm: kgsl: Remove earlysuspend code
34e7e1a msm: kgsl: Get an active count during CFF
f88460d msm: kgsl: Fix checking of validity of process private pointer
ece6549 msm: kgsl: Restrict GPU virtual address when using CFF
88b5cce msm: kgsl: Use the correct flag when checking for cpu map
a9e1cb8 msm: kgsl: Print out page fault memory usage info
295d8a1 msm: kgsl: reduce iommu pagefault logging
67f6eed msm: kgsl: Report cff dump virtual address range correctly
e8d8b75 msm: kgsl: Turn on timestamp based IOMMU clocking for IOMMU-v1
6e7403e msm: kgsl: Do not store timestamp for null context in pagefault handler
ea94414 msm: kgsl: Use increasing delays to transition to NAP
31bc25c msm: kgsl: Add in-stream support for IOMMU-v1
e8662c1 msm: kgsl: pass mmu pointer into address space query functions
f3cfd9f msm: kgsl: Synchronize access to IOMMU cfg port
243ec9c msm: kgsl: support busy stats based policy in tz
230b7b6 msm: scm: Add scm_call_atomic3
011e551 msm: kgsl: Check the return value of msm_get_iommu_domain
be831d8 msm: kgsl: Avoid dereferencing NULL pointers
8fbc4f5 msm: kgsl: add new clock for 8610
5827557 msm: kgsl: Set aggressive HW clock gating for A330v2
b659513 msm: kgsl: Add genlock to KGSL DRM driver
e97bab5 msm: kgsl: a2xx: Check the right interrupt status bits
1611484 msm: kgsl: Properly record the size of the sglist in the memdesc
6acf0d1 msm: kgsl: Add support for A305C GPU for MSM8x10
953c697 msm: Fix mem leak when using per-process pages
7318c5a msm: kgsl: Use register domain for IOMMU domain
3fa5502 msm: kgsl: Add a section to list memory entries in snapshot
17141e9 msm: kgsl: Remove few a3xx registers from the register list
4b0ac25 msm: kgsl: Enable VBIF dynamic clock gating for 8974v2
e3dafc6 msm: kgsl: Initialize only required IOMMU context
e406ba1 msm: kgsl: Use phys_addr_t where appropriate
2d1e8a2 msm: kgsl: Copy data back to user in case of error
d4fb2c7 msm: kgsl: Change bus frequency before GPU frequency
bcac226 msm: kgsl: Remove all reference to CONFIG_ANDROID_PMEM
6f5187e msm: kgsl: An error condition could cause an array overflow
b4a2c54 msm: kgsl: add more VBIF settings for A305B
2362eb8 msm: kgsl: Optimize clock call order
1f30e3d msm: kgsl: Reduce cmd buffer size for adreno_iommu_setstate
8f1978d msm: kgsl: Add intermediate power levels
a85e5f6 msm: kgsl: Increase bus bandwidth to avoid underrun
c8b8c3d msm: kgsl: Resize the CP ROQ for a330/a305b
23090f2 msm: kgsl: Added DRM_IOCTL_KGSL_GEM_CREATE_FROM_ION to DRM
2e727c8 msm: kgsl: Set a useful pm_qos default value
e1a28de msm: kgsl: Turn off automatic hardware clock gating for 8974v1
0a928a1 msm: kgsl: rename iommu version specific data
609f119 msm: kgsl: add VBIF table for A305B
d50c5f6 msm: kgsl: Support the new A305 revision
4b07ec8 msm: kgsl: Disable hardware clock gating for A330V2
700994a msm: kgsl: Align ION buffer mappings from userspace to 4k
4125b92 msm: kgsl: Added IOMMU support for GEM allocations in DRM
5a0ae9f msm: kgsl: Idle timeout should be reported in msec
e74fd44 msm: kgsl: avoid vmap failure while allocating big buffers
bd705b1 msm: kgsl: Correct the initial idle_timer value
32223f2 msm: kgsl: Turn on clock gating for A330 devices
7ee44b1 msm: kgsl: Set the context ID of iommu bank based on address
05c4f44 msm: kgsl: Revert low latency power collapse
376748f msm: kgsl: Set a useful pm_qos default value
dd08cae msm: kgsl: Add a ftrace event for GPU busy
86f7d85 msm: kgsl: Add separate GPU shader memory mapping
88da5b5 msm: kgsl: Add cache flush for A20x
3a290db msm: kgsl: Added DRM_IOCTL_KGSL_GEM_GET_ION_FD ioctl to DRM device.
512e21b msm: kgsl: Using ion allocation instead of pmem for GEM
8ffca4a msm: kgsl: Update to match DRM driver function pointer structure
a76f835 msm: kgsl: Add NOP name to postmortem dump
ad4f68f msm: kgsl: Add power settings to the postmortem dump
8f34738 msm: kgsl: Support larger debug regions for the CP on A330
8d2db88 msm: kgsl: Turn off automatic hardware clock gating for A330
196d96f msm: kgsl: Add 8974 support for enabling GPU GDHS

Change-Id: I260289a3377233048f1b3c92c131977ab16975e0
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index a2c93d5..e9e3c12 100644
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
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