mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi

11aeb7b power: pm8921-charger: enable battery alarm
ddc4844 mako: power: pm8921-charger: enable battery alarm
6940044 display: removed the code exhausts file descriptor in mdp
overlay and r
99cef21 usb: msm_otg: add charger notify API
d4b1fb5 pm: pm8921_charger: add dc uevent for off mode charger
1f6cbba slim_msm: don't call completion after timeout
bf7faa7 mako: storage: enable packed write on eMMC 4.5
bf86c79 mako: mm: memblock_reserve for persistent ram is moved
20ed113 mako: debug: check signature before writing
2fd65f3 persistent_ram: check PERSISTENT_RAM_SIG before writing
a043c6f mako: fix compile error without ANDROID_RAM_CONSOLE &
73ec1d0 mako: debug: reset the ssr_magic_number
a424eb4 slimport: support ANX7808BA hardware

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2 files changed
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