mako: update prebuilt kernel + wifi

b/7091621, b/7078421

11ab1d5 msm: hsic: Retry port RESUME if unable to send SOFs within 3ms
a167a3f leds: pm8xxx: change calculation of blinking period and on/off timing
8126554 power: charger: get the current information from usb-otg
d063ef3 [ARM] usb: msm_otg: correctly report charging status
040ef00 Revert "msm: vidc: Correct calculation of yuv buffer size"
926cf3f ASoc: msm: Update platform drivers to correctly access audio_client
bbc2fff ASoc: Reduce number of periods in low latency driver.

Change-Id: I6c03210e62e715a981a8ac8ee8ad1156d96a124e
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
2 files changed
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  1. kernel
  2. prima_wlan.ko