mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]

27778c7 Revert "Power: add an API to log wakeup reasons"
2337938 Revert "POWER: fix compile warnings in log_wakeup_reason"
f75fc46 Revert "POWER: Add an API call to log wake wakeup reason"
c51d377 prima: release v3.2.3.18
92869b7 POWER: Add an API call to log wake wakeup reason
0d7de06 POWER: fix compile warnings in log_wakeup_reason
15be381 Power: add an API to log wakeup reasons
2b97ada fix false disconnect due to a signal sent to the reading process
de04d78 prima: release v3.2.3.16
6aec950 cfg80211: add flags to define country IE processing rules
ca1e3b0 mako: touch: add error checking for reading descriptor
c876b3a SELinux: Fix kernel BUG on empty security contexts.
e900ac0 mako: touch: fix i2c error after firmware upgrade
035dda8 SELinux: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in selinux_inode_permission()
9ac8d2e nf: xt_qtaguid: fix handling for cases where tunnels are used.
977e7e5 ping: prevent NULL pointer dereference on write to msg_name
77ef39d tcp: add a sysctl to config the tcp_default_init_rwnd
e2c6ce6 mako_defconfig: enable IDLETIMER target for netfilters
a522729 android: configs: Add CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_IDLETIMER
37bd288 SELinux: include definition of new capabilities
2758f7a mako_defconfig: canonicalize the defconfig with make savedefconfig
558d434 android: configs: Grab the android/configs from kernel/common
46781e7 fs/dcache.c: Fix the too small buffer for dname
d2fcc4a seq_file: always clear m->count when we free m->buf
2278811 seq_file: always update file->f_pos in seq_lseek()
520f5f3 mako: touch: PLG137 firmware E044 update
31a5098 ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fix
aa17f96 ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2) optimizations
17e1074 msm: mdp: Free secure memory based on pipe config

Bug: 12133044
Bug: 9735521
Bug: 8586852
Bug: 12765000
Bug: 12422000
Bug: 12133044
Bug: 10751089
Bug: 9364947
Bug: 12347232
Bug: 10708703
Bug: 11997840
Bug: 11352827
Bug: 12890241
Bug: 12933504
Bug: 12905507  
Bug: 11687690
Bug: 12780426
Bug: 12020135
Bug: 11577088
Bug: 12282664
Bug: 7725315
Bug: 11857675

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