mako: prebuilt kernel and wlan.ko

-- kernel is not built off the build server
-- commit list: 119c37c..fcfe534
-- non-merge commits:

git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --no-merges 119c37c..fcfe534:

fcfe534 mako: msm: mdm: Target specific dump collection timeout
734bdce mako: msm: mdm: setup vddmin gpios for external modem
5dd5442 msm: camera: Add support for concurrent Ispif interface streaming
90ced6e msm: 8974: rename copper to 8974
0679a81 USB: gadget: Fix scheduling while atomic bug in ci13xxx_udc
5fd16f4 Revert "msm: vidc: Avoid reconfig if EoS is received after SPS/PPS"
3850105 ARM: gic: Remove ARCH_MSM8625 around the gic_save APIs
3c4142d mmc: msm_sdcc: reset sd card at boot time
8477d22 ASoC: msm: Add 8-channel Multi-PCM TX support
1c61063 ASoC: msm: Add BE enablement for AUX PCM CPU DAI
dd9bb79 msm: copper: Board specific changes to enable bus scaling on copper
2aa4c04 ASoC: Handle slimbus port disconnection before opening another
c9a7a84 msm: mdm: Target specific dump collection timeout
28f14ee USB: gadget: Fix crash in ci13xxx_udc.c
18792a3 msm: bam_dmux: add power management only mode
dd58afe panic: Fix a possible deadlock in panic()
4208ce3 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Add support for voltage corner resource parameter
42b01a9 msm: Remove pmem_kalloc APIs
6fb3834 coresight: rename variables and functions from cs to coresight
a9c0e06 cs: use device attributes instead of kobj attributes
b84ef9d cs: add coresight core layer code
1746b8f coresight: rename directory and files from cs to coresight
f17b147 cs: let each driver manage the clk for its device
16aefdb cs: rename driver state data to drvdata and dynamically allocate it
5827c83 msm: jtag: move jtag related definitions to new jtag header
33454d2 cs: rename qdss files to coresight
0549093 cs: rename and move stm header file
43e47bd cs: move shared data to external header
2963de4 cs: move qdss code under drivers
27086d9 msm: qdss: migrate to use standard clk apis for qdss clk
4fbf4c4 ASOC: msm: Add voip/voice driver support for copper
1bc7b22 msm: camera: Allow user to abort live snapshot.
61df193 msm: smd_pkt: Register platform driver with the SMD channel name
254d674 msm_fb: display: Flush pipe registers before staging for Mixer 0 or 1
6e250f0 msm: clock-dss-8960: Update HDMI PLL settings
aec69fb arm: common: Use label to identify cpaccess dummy instruction
da31824 Bluetooth: Use transmit window from config response for ack timing
66f781a ASoC: msm: DTS playback support
8f84689 ASoC: msm: Add compressed TX support
a2e0c10e msm: camera: Add per instance lock in to serialize
f317304 msm: devices-8930: Add cache dumping device
733377c msm: mdm: cleanup the way the external modem is shutdown and reset
c7fc3b1 msm: clock-8960: Add support for QDSS RPM clocks
f29aefd msm: board: share the same ADM channel between NAND and eMMC
9efd5c9 radio-tavarua: Add new IOCTL to set the soft mute
37320fb mdss: display: Correct regulator API usage
1307989 net: usb: Continue submitting rx URBs upon QMI channel close
b5085c5 msm_fb: display: Increase wait for VSYNC
0eafbe9 fsm: Enable UIM interface
333b672 msm: acpuclock-8960: Fix max CPU frequency limit for 8930.
7e30c8d msm: clock-copper: Initialize ocmemnoc clock rate in post_init
8eb05b3 msm: 9615: WLAN PMIC GPIO 6 configuration.
4715adf defconfig: msm-copper: Enable CONFIG_MMC_CLKGATE
70bbcbc msm: sdio_ctl: Update the driver to support poll operation
4a4f2d591 msm: display: Add MDP footswitch regulator control for HDMI PLL
812a885 regulator: Replace error prints in regulator_check_drms() with debug prints
73ec728 msm: camera: CPP driver Framework
567f22b ASoC: msm: Fix the issue that freed data structure is accessed
e404049 EHCI: HSIC: Set RUN/STOP bit after PORT_RESUME gets cleared
fcd66aa Perf: Add L2 slave port filtering
0de1b3f msm: clock-local: Rename __branch_clk_*_reg() to __branch_*_reg()
f82f294 msm: clock-local: Adopt a more consistent variable name convention
64df133 msm: gdsc: Delay 1us after enabling rails while clocks are re-enabled
e8f1674 spi_qsd: chip select doesn't assert for every 4k bytes
ed4b2af vidc:720p: Fix first buffer with EOS flag in video decoder
a1e3b8c msm: smd: update subsystem name for SMD_APPS_Q6 edge on Copper
fb77f15 msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on
c6dcd5e mdm: Add support for PBLRDY gpio
795bf7b Perf: Add named PMU support for Scorpion and Krait
d2337c3 Perf: Add constraint check for L2CC PMU's
89cadb8 Perf: Add constraint checks for 8660 L1cc
9f30c18 Perf: Make event constraint checks generic for MSM
ff5c9a6 msm: camera: Actuator i2c interface changes
b339a16 msm: camera: Change OV2720 exposure setting
72aec70 msm: Add support for watchdog on msm8974
f992565 ASoC: msm: Update the encode option and sample rate.
6018155 block: Add test-iosched scheduler
9c4743f Revert "msm: iommu: Split rotator/mdp iommu domains"
fd23309 Revert "msm_fb: display: Add DMA and Overlay blt mode address to MDP driver"
ca4d9bc Revert "msm: rotator: Add secure session flag to rotator start data"
ddd20e2 vidc:vdec: Clean extradata portion and invalidate whole buffer
4a466c3 net: rmnet_usb_ctrl: Fix bug in handling interface disconnect
89cfcd7 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add error handling while setting up clocks
a0d56b5 radio: tavarua: Add IOCTL to enable the FM TX Tone generator
5a10c6f usb: misc: Send zero-length packets on bulk OUT
ef39084 msm: mdm: setup vddmin gpios for external modem
6ddff4e msm: clock-copper: Add CXO voting support
d1c2bf6 msm: clock-rpm: Add support for the 'Enab' RPM key
4eba8b9 msm: copper: Add bus topology data for copper
59d890f power_supply: add change the scope property
f59ce4e msm8930: add native support of mpu3050 gyroscope
ad2a155 msm: kgsl: Remove redundant calls
8e6edcb usb: ehci: Avoid phy lockup due to SOFs during port reset
64b4861 ehci: hsic: Disable hsic system clock during reset sequence
5fa8825 msm: smd_pkt: Verify edge during probe operation
a903a7b ASoC: msm: Support for configuring buffer size in multichannel PCM TX
708d577 mmc: host: Give a unique number to each CAPS2 capability
e851959 msm: gss-8064: Invoke SSR from within the watchdog IRQ handler
a66023d msm: gss-8064: Remove legacy restart-via-SMSM code
21c7c86 msm: gss-8064: Fix nested IRQ disables
6f806b8 usb: serial: Add flow control between wwan and tty drivers
ef5b150 msm_fb: HDMI: Removing unnecessary HPD detection code.
69e621d usb: msm_otg: Fix host mode suspend
7f17796 msm: kgsl: Enable Clock Gating for A3XX GPU
fecae38 ALSA: core: Add support to handle compressed audio IOCTLs for capture
5bd795f defconfig: msm-copper: Enable CONFIG_GPIO_QPNP_PIN
5085a05 dt/msmcopper: Add devices for pm8x41 mpps
6b90157 gpio: qpnp-pin: Add support for MPP devices
58d0780 gpio: qpnp-pin: Don't fail pin config for no hardware support
6ea2cd2 gpio: qpnp-gpio: Issue lookups based on device name
978d335 spmi: Add spmi_resource for non spmi-dev-container cases
a05f455 gpio: qpnp-gpio: Rename driver to qpnp-pin
8d6aae3 of: spmi: Add support for device naming and lookups
a6a354d of: spmi: Support resource naming
0e5534d spmi: qpnp: Change APIs to take a spmi_resource pointer instead of index
08e1e90 spmi: Rename qpnp library to be part of the spmi framework
7c06410 defconfig: msm-copper: Enable CONFIG_QPNP_INT
69701d3 spmi: qpnp-int: Fix bug in setting interrupt type
519e420 Revert "arm: irq: Allow for specification of no preallocated irqs"
bb6b30f irqdomain: Port system to new API
d4158d2 mm: mmzone: MIGRATE_CMA migration type added
c6114bf mm: page_alloc: change fallbacks array handling
4c1ff37 mm: page_alloc: introduce alloc_contig_range()
02ff1de mm: compaction: export some of the functions
61ee2fc mm: compaction: introduce isolate_freepages_range()
2770ccf mm: compaction: introduce map_pages()
a196a6c mm: compaction: introduce isolate_migratepages_range()
adc95fd mm: page_alloc: remove trailing whitespace
7c2b9cb msm: board8660: Allocate proper size to MM_FW heap
43d0a34 msm: msm7627a: Support ION on 7627a/8625
2423ba8 Revert "video: msm: Always queue histogram work"
fd075dd usb: gadget: Add remote wakeup support to ci13xxx_udc
f17772e USB: msm72k_udc: Add counter to reduce delay required for qTD status update
b856ab9 msm: Kconfig: Select MIGHT_HAVE_CACHE_L2X0 for 7x27(A) and 8x25
9e6f2ec arm: cache-l2x0: Add event monitor bit shift
318763f staging: ashmem: Fix the build failure when OUTER_CACHE is enabled
f950e32 radio-iris: Add ioctl commands to configure spur table
1a9fdee mpm: 8625: Remove unused arguments in the msm_gic_irq_extn_init
f4ab0df ASoc: msm: Add support for audio recording with EC.
06e4a1f msm: acpuclock-krait: Port additional functionality from acpuclock-8960
75473eb msm: acpuclock-krait: Migrate to rpm_regulator_*() APIs
bf9eb2c msm: acpuclock-copper: Update use of regulator_get() for Krait core rails
1cda0f5 mfd: pm8038: add ccadc cell
9392390 ASoC: wcd9310: set rate only for required RX and TX paths.
fab6ff3 defconfig: msm8960-perf: Enable ERP event logging
735067f defconfig: msm8960: Enable ERP event logging
aa15fd1 msm: cache_erp: Use dedicated location for ERP event logging
51fc4e6 msm_serial_hs_lite: Fix compilation with console disabled
f8f1ed4 camera: To fix compilation error in Mercury.
c123862 msm: footswitch-pcom: Set rail modes only for probed footswitches
90a06cc slimbus: Modify check for empty slots
fe72c45 vidc_hal: update driver to new hal interface.
132d62b msm: qdss: limit platform data access to probe function
9eae482 msm: qdss: add device tree matching
4bd0b1c msm: msm_bus: Fix adding AHBs to topology
7e2ed9a msm: qdsp5v2: remove pmem_kfree
2029ca3 msm: kgsl: Remove dangling reference to PMEM_MEMTYPE
5e7befd msm: iommu: Use iommu_map_range for 4K mappings
14c5e7a mdss: display: Add writeback support for WFD
d05f40b msm: camera: provide NULL pointer error checks.
f8687a5 usb: dwc3-msm: Fix redeclaration error of 'enum usb_vdd_value'
ef2d34e msm_fb: hdmi: Break infinite loop
3fed2bc msm: socinfo: Add new MSM IDs for 7127A and 7125A.
e7db268 ASoC: msm: Update front end dai links of mpq8064 machine driver
c00dd9b diag: Add new SSID
b1e7c58 msm: bam_dmux: enable disconnect ack feature support by default
951b283 tsif: workaround for stuck dma
40ea09e msm: qdsp5v2: Add support for variable rate in MVS driver
a27992b msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Resolve panic for voip call scenario
9cc3adf ASoC: mdm9615: Fix spare register variable initialization.
e6a71cf usb: gadget: u_sdio: Fix compilation when DEBUG is defined
eaf59b4 ASoc: msm: Add support for AAC and WMA decoders.
41c2dcc msm: UIM driver msm_uim
0238274 msm: camera: actuator: Fix the I2C write data.
aadc14e msm_fb: display: change ion memory map for mdp mixer2 writeback
b9662ca tspp: use device name when getting clock

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Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
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