mako: update prebuilt kernel

e5479fe input: pm8xxx-pwrkey: Update key press status during probe
9c83a94 input: pwrkey: Handle out-of-order press and release interrupts
a504728 pmic8xxx-pwrkey: move to subsys_init
989c4d8 mako_defconfig: enable keyreset driver
3c40177 mako: initialize main PMIC earlier
f278add pm8921-core: initialize pwrkey device earlier
717a9a1 ARM: msm: lge: add keyreset device for charger mode
e977b21 input: keyreset: add support for reset after timeout
b0e2512 input: keyreset: move init to subsys to be ready early
6ed2f37 input: keyreset: process pressed keys at init
956ad54 fix uninitialized variable warning
16aea52 fix section mismatch warnings

Bug: 7344361
Change-Id: Ic69217abff2ed245f4b0329d6f8165fc58f3fe32
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
1 file changed
tree: e7fe526ad3387fef8472f5b4b2436cab591a10b0
  1. kernel