mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi

2ba1804 mako: msm: pm-8x60: Remove msm_pm_wait_cpu_shutdown()/verify_cpu_pc() APIs
216a3b4 mako: msm: acpuclock-8064: Move 8064 support to use acpuclock-krait
c510338 mako: msm_fb: Remove control of HDMI PLL regulator
3e0b5b9 mako: msm: kgsl: Move SOC based chip ID to the board files
f54026c mako: msm: kgsl: Move the pdata structure from the public API header
e3be5ca drivers: power: fix suspend/resume lockup issue
e22e8ae mako: msm: camera: Add live snapshot entry to bus vector table.
96ff788 mako: defconfig: enable MSM_CSI20_HEADER
05fb865 Revert "Revert "msm: camera: Fix crash in camera on 8660""
4576fe6 Revert "Revert "msm: camera: Initialize the vfe stats structures.""
6d86949 Revert "Revert "msm: camera: Add free status buffer queue""
4181239 usb: msm_otg: Fix error handling bug in driver probe
a42b502 bluetooth: Add support for LE conn param
1ebbfad msm: ocmem: Initialize the ocmem graphics mPU
cc4ec15 msm: ocmem: Add support for low power clients
6957fa0 msm-fb: display: Tearing issue during video playback
5d260e3 ASoC: WCD9304: Fix register sequence for analog mic recording
fed770b msm: clock-8974: Correct some audio interface clock structures.
4bd3894 ASoC: wcd9310: Clear the status only for active slimbus ports
d526d1e msm: kgsl: Allow non-default timeout values in adreno_idle
72977ed msm: cache_erp: Add device tree support
a3453a7 ASOC: msm: Add device tree specific changes in compressed driver
ad3c784 drivers: leds-pm8xxx: enable low power mode for RGB LED
d8d0f77 msm: 8974: Add function to reserve memory from device tree
777c3ce msm: clock-8974: Add block reset support for the USB cores
f5a8e38 msm_fb: display: Brightness change observed when switching HDMI on
54d3a6d msm: mpq8064: Dummy read to prevent false interrupt from triggering
b8e8369 mmc: msm_sdcc: Enable AUTO_PROG_DONE for CMD25
9554fa3 msm: rpm: remove the sanity check in rpm log
97e2e61 msm: camera: Add some minor code fixes.
93b8513 msm: Always compile acpuclock-krait when CONFIG_ARCH_MSM_KRAIT is set
5375aa7 msm: pm-8x60: Remove msm_pm_wait_cpu_shutdown()/verify_cpu_pc() APIs
51eaeb2 msm: acpuclock-8974: Consolidate CPU and L2 HFPLL data
f5cc389 msm: acpuclock-8064: Move 8064 support to use acpuclock-krait
d1fd566 msm: acpuclock-8960: Apply alternate 8064 workaround for Krait errata
1f3762d msm: acpuclock-krait: Discard unused SoC-specific data by using __initdata
600ea50 msm: acpuclock-krait: Make ACPU levels reference L2 levels by index
6115d78 msm: acpuclock-8960: Migrate 8960 support to use acpuclock-krait
56e7f9e ARM: gic: Remove parameters from msm_gic_save
af1709a ARM: gic: Add flag to select 8625 QGIC2 back to back read/write workaround
62d4a8c msm: HDMI: Re-initialize the scan details for every HPD
1f02d95 msm: Add configuration required to use GSBI8 into UARTDM Mode
c853010 media: dvb: dvb-core: Pass ring-buffers info to kernel-demux
3845915 arm/dt: msmcopper: Add TLMM/GPIO support for SDC slots
df67a26 msm_fb: display: Remove unnecessary dtv_pipe checks
30befc2 msm_fb: display: suspend-resume on HDMI
3a46ff3 ASoC: msm: Fix crash during FM recording.
0ebb19b msm: vidc: Add controls specific to H263
67b8a923 msm: clock-8960: Disable clk_prepare() warnings for CSI clocks
68398a4 msm: vidc: Download firmware using PIL.
318134d msm: camera: Remove duplicate video device list initialization.
9078590 msm: camera: Add support for instance handle based buffer lookup.
e2601ae ASoC: 8930: add multi channel support for hdmi
6b82d2b msm_fb: hdmi: Boot param support for resolution change
9c4d959 msm: vidc: Adds support for high bit rate and frame rate
2568be7 msm_fb: display: Configure MDP clock table based on DSI Video pixel clk
4b3443f msm: camera: resource manager related changes.
951c02d msm: vidc: Adds support for dynamic I frame request.
1d1d307 msm: camera: Add live snapshot entry to bus vector table.
12a56bd ASoC: msm: Apply cached volume and mute at call start.
ab730bd msm: acpuclock-8627: Move 8627 support to use acpuclock-krait
6dcfa92 msm: acpuclock-8930: Move 8930 support to use acpuclock-krait
c5041da msm: vidc: Adds support for high bit rate decode
a46f06b msm: vidc: Adds support for VP8 Encoder.
694b7d9 ASoC: msm: Add support for meta data in compressed TX
37294ba radio: iris: Validate whether the current station is good or bad
7225d64 mfd: pm8xxx-spk: Fix the disable logic for pmic speaker driver
a16a8c2 spinlock_debug: Fix mismerge
13d9967 qseecom: Support multiple clients.
06cce7f defconfig: Enable qseecom on msm8974.
931d70f mfd: Update mpm to monitor pm8821 gpio line
6b88265 msm: ocmem: Change the return type of the notifier api.
8ad6360 msm: ocmem: Add Device Tree Support
94455a4 arm/dt: msm8974: Add On-chip memory device
2aec9f3 USB: OTG: msm: Add support for MHL arbitration
31ed027 msm: camera: CSI changes for 8974
c689c96 defconfig: msm8960: Add CSI config macros
353d7b3 msm-camera: Add Double Padding support in Gemini.
40c3ae8 msm: vidc: Fixes back-to-back video decode/encode.
e6f48904 msm: clock-8960: Add support for msm8960ab clocks
86e0382 msm: clock-8960: Support alternate PLL4 clock plan
8c55d7e msm: clock-8974: Fix GPLL0 configuration issue for acpuclock
48da149 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: set correct SET_PARAM payload size
a432457 msm: board-msm7627a: De-feature FMEM suport
93ad970 arm/dt: msm8974: Add devices for PMIC PM8941 RTC
1e8ddae msm: vidc: Adds support for VP8 Decoder.
16c8ae2 msm_fb: MHL: Adding MHL api's for USB interaction.
43248fd msm: mdm: Add support for remote MDM image upgrade
e80fb9b msm: camera: Add proper axi channel width in kernel header
6f6ecb3 msm: kgsl: In recovery search for command stream after global eop
32240ef msm: kgsl: Try to replay commands from bad context in recovery
5f085f4 msm: kgsl: Expire timestamps after recovery
b9f1e83 msm: kgsl: Mark the hung context in recovery before extraction
29ed38e msm: kgsl: Write a separate function to set the reset status
1caba1c msm: kgsl: Do not restore per context timestamp states
2a85f1f msm: kgsl: Turn on preamble to enable replay of commands
bb7b32a msm: kgsl: Separate function to detect last command in recovery
1d577fe msm: kgsl: Create a separate function to extract valid commands
adb1602 msm: kgsl: Use recovery data structure to extract valid commands
ba6c70b msm: kgsl: Introduce recovery data structure for hang recovery
c3ad580 msm: kgsl: Always add a start identifier to a command sequence
8f6e0a9 msm: kgsl: During postmortem check for IOMMU table change
df60930 msm: kgsl: Start the sleep timer after recovery has completed
df7532d msm: vidc: Migration to new firmware version.
90e6438 msm: camera: handle simultaneous SOF and stat interrupts.
dcb0758 [media] v4l2: Add controls for setting H263 attributes
a9964a5 msm: lpm: lpm resources bug fixes
c8430bd msm_fb: Add histogram support for MPQ 8064
12b8b43 msm: socinfo: Add support for detecting Krait and Krait Pass 2
ad33c51 msm: mpq8064: VCAP corner case bug fixes
4bcc4e5 msm: Add support for memory dump table
b8a873f ASoC: msm: Add volume support for Multimedia5
923e3e6 Bluetooth: Prevents update of Low Energy connection parameters
457a445 cpufreq: Fix panic when setting sampling rate
2030c1b msm: Check for iommu with map_contiguous APIs
23dc77c usb: gadget: Add support for multiple android gadgets
223fd45 msm: smd_pkt: expose module parameter for the loopback edge
35d46ab usb: ehci_msm2: Resume root hub on receiving ASYNC interrupt
2ed59cf msm:vidc: force constrained baseline profile for H264 BP encoding
1b03554 msm: vidc: Adds support to send individual controls.
f3b1a19 msm: smem: Add support to read app data from SMEM.
51676a1 msm: smsm: Use interrupt mask for local SMSM notifications
13d1d03 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add sysfs attribute to update idle timeout value
3c48a68 msm_fb: Adjust the delay values for easy-scale approach of backlight IC
bc49e83 msm_fb: hdmi: Turn on switch dev when connect to HDMI
6f8781b defconfig: Enable support for tricolor leds for 8x25
0e9625d board-msm7627a-io: Add support for red and green leds
281a7e8 leds: msm-tricolor: Add support for tricolor leds
541ce12 defconfig: Enable HID support for 8974
dcc2e22 msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock for msm8930 HW varients.
b506727 usb: dwc3-msm: Add support for LPM on cable disconnect
2043e30 USB: android: check for platform data presence before accessing it
19cf498 arm/dt: msmcopper: Add PON device for PM8941
963b512 msm: qpnp-power-on: Add QPNP PMIC power-on(PON) driver
1d25218 msm: clock-8974: Add support for the PCMOE clock
f0a3914 msm_fb: Remove control of HDMI PLL regulator
82feaa1 msm: clock-8960: Enable necessary regulators for hdmi_pll
f6c39a1 msm: clock-8960: Store current HDMI PLL rate in clk->rate
3417d07 msm: board-8974: correct modem to apps interrupt definitions
69292db crypto: Fix HMAC failure
e523144 dt/flattree: Add stub defintions for flat device tree function
60bd965 ASoc: msm: Remove incorrect headset mic gpios
85b7199 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Add support for LDO bypass mode disable
f3d8232 arm/dt: msm8974: Update the max corner limit for VDD_CX voltage regulator
71c1899 msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Update voltage corner mapping to match RPM
3593b3b msm: 8974: Add bindings for register trace buffer
bc08c32 msm: Add bindings for memory reservations
b7626dc msm: kgsl: Don't let thermal control use invalid GPU frequencies
497ef40 msm: SSR: Pull struct restart_wq_data into struct subsys_device
a82ee08 msm: SSR: Drop use_restart_order
0daae15 msm: SSR: Consolidate loops during restart
1f4d017 msm: pil: Remove late initcall to shut down processors
c68ee64 msm: SSR: Cleanup style and remove useless code
b9fab14 msm: ramdump: Add destroy_ramdump_device() function
0ebf721 msm: SSR: Make a registration/unregistration API
196f86e arm: Support the safe WFE sequence for Krait CPUs
68e1d74 arm: Convert spinlocks to new inline assembly style
470d134 arm: Make the WFE macro unconditional
22f7abf mmc: card: Add Sanitize unit test
ac1671b ASoc: msm: qdsp6v2: Native drivers to use different pool id.
ac98f99 defconfig: msm9615: Enable configs to support multicast
cb79866 msm: audio: Use adsp as a string param for pil_get function for 8974
eebdb24 msm: camera: Camera IRQ router changes
c26c652 msm: rpm-smd: Add debugging option to log all RPM requests
fd37d4f media: dvb: mpq: Use cached buffer for video-data in common plug-in
b377811 board: qrd7627a: Correct the operating voltage range.
77f83c2 msm: 8960: Add GSBI9 UARTDM device for Fusion 2.2 platform only
939c0d4 msm: kgsl: Remove additional idle commands
b040a01 msm: vidc: Adds support for Intra Refresh
f0fd8e7 video: msm: Add user-defined backlight scaling
28988f2 msm: qdsp5: Modify check in voice memo process rpc request
0a18888 board: 8974: Add TSENS during early init
05a6e38 thermal: tsens: Add 8974 TSENS driver
717b9e3 msm-camera: Fix the Mask Parameter
0668d106 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Fixed the issue unmap command is sent incorrectly
9feb87d tick-sched: recalculate sleep length each time it is requested
b91c407 msm: msm_bus: Add Bus-RPM interface using RPM-SMD APIs
f82ef51 cpufreq: Fix sysfs deadlock with concurrent hotplug/frequency switch
f62029d msm: bam_dmux: update SSR handling to reflect disconnect ack on by default
c02367a msm: pm-stats: fix the bug in pm stats refactor
b74caaa ASoC: wcd9310: vote off runtime PM after disable SLIMBUS ports
4815e9f msm: kgsl: Move SOC based chip ID to the board files
c9cb205 USB: android: Add a new LUN as CD-ROM in mass-storage
18dda79 USB: msm72k_udc: Add proprietary charger detection support
914de9b msm: kgsl: Move the pdata structure from the public API header
4b8f795 RTC: Add QPNP rtc driver
79f975f Kbuild: Include epm files
fd2f705 msm: Add krait scm driver to configure cpu
00cf869 msm: bam_dmux: Extend locking around SPS transfer call
176d24f msm: clock.h: Fix compile with CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=n
005ae63 msm: sps: update clocks for 8974 in SPS driver
d8c98c3 msm: vidc: Fixes polling on video driver.
2bf4fb1 msm: vidc: Amend buffer size calculation
649ca22 msm_fb: display: Configure DMA before Layer Mixer for writeback mode switch
7b741b2 board-8960: Add power configuration for touch
031c24e msm7x27a: Enable SLUB allocator on 7627a and 8x25.
6d494b3 defconfig: Enable crypto drivers
5acb4ba USB: dwc3: Add workaround for incorrect GUSB3PIPECTL default value
c6e15aa USB: dwc3: Add workaround for incorrect GUCTL register's default value
f398f30 bdi: use deferable timer for sync_supers task
863b96d msm: dma: Update the clk gating timeout to 100msec from 1sec.
4f87794 media: dvb: Add events API for demux
db8cbfe block: test-iosched error handling fixes
03cffcb slimbus: Disconnect source port if source end is removed by client
c216734 msm: acpuclock-8974: Allow SVS voltage when L2 is running at its slowest
92c2ef9 crypto: Add device tree support for crypto drivers
84e7b7b STMicroelectronics LIS3DH device driver version 1.1.0
f8edabb msm: rpm-regulator-smd: Add enum value for NONE voltage corner
6d5a42f arm/dt: msm8974: Disable Q6 MSS PIL device node for RUMI
279196e msm: clock-8x60: Fix clock mapping for mmfpb_a_clk
0f63e00 msm: clock-8974: Add support for QDSS RPM clocks.
4aba6c0 msm: clock-rpm: Store the RPM clock resource keys in the rpm_clk struct
09e2081 msm: clock-8974: Add support for the MMSSNOC_AHB RPM clock
c743b3b msm8960_defconfig: Enable USB Video Class(UVC) Driver
c938898 media: dvb: mpq: Fix stream-buffer read operation
202befb mmc: card: Add eMMC4.5 packing control unit-tests
3a32380 msm: vidc: Add input buffer flushing support
c46499f msm:kgsl: Adjust the GMEM restore Procedure as per A3XX GPU spec
ceb4269 msm: iommu: Update DTS documentation
518ca10 msm: iommu: Specify SMT sizes in device tree
4575bdd iommu/msm: Refactor device tree parsing
a6c9648 msm: mpq8064: Separate q/dq buffer for VCAP de-interlacing mode
67deb3c 8064: tsif: Add DMA definitions for TSIF on 8064
6cbe66a msm: clock-8960: Add device names for tsif clocks on 8064
6544f3e tspp: use new clock preparation functions
5af8f97 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add callback for BAM global error irq
9386739 usb: serial: Stop pushing rx data when tty node is removed
6dd4cb5 mfd: wcd9xxx: use codec device id to register the device.
bf42e60 net: rmnet_usb: Enable autosuspend
a51de95 USB: gadget: Split Target based USB-Gadget driver (tcm_usb_gadget.c)

Change-Id: Ifafed1ce5268ad7ea6481250d75b35ea9cba1773
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index e26b150..56059f6 100644
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
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diff --git a/prima_wlan.ko b/prima_wlan.ko
index 022b3b5..1d090d3 100644
--- a/prima_wlan.ko
+++ b/prima_wlan.ko
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