mako: update prebuilt kernel

9ff737a msm_fb: display: wait for a vsync time before dtv_off
2cc1c99 USB: android: avoid to set the lock refcount as the native value
f56a861 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Add timeout of 100ms for endpoint flush loop
f089baa USB: ci13xxx_udc: Fix ENDPOINT PRIME failure issue
7e8c80e USB: android: Fix adb device file closing bug
5f07e38 USB: android: Don't disable configuration for every adb close
77ef428 usb: gadget: adb: Force OUT(or RX) requests size to be MAX
19ecd73 fsa8008: Initialize wakelock before unsing wakelock
e83ece5 fsa8008: remove the unnecessary debug messages
0ecbd92 power: pm8921-charger: add missing brackets
8472f00 msm: camera: invalidate the response of control command on timedout error
bca11ee msm: camera: improve the error handling on open()
e7dcf6f msm: camera: check the value of total_steps
dc6abf1 msm: camera: constify vfe32_cmd
9f0061c camera: Flush event queue for config node before unsubscribe.
f1258f6 pm8921: use ratelimited print out for burst messages
d42f59c coresight: do not probe if cpu is not online
ed78ee6 msm: display: Fix blend configuration for video layer with MDP composition

Bug: 8014292
Bug: 8030523
Bug: 7936988
Bug: 7743214
Change-Id: I8301e9f297f9c75de1ebac2a96cc4781aa4ce9bc
Related-to-Bug: 7692892
Related-to-Bug: 7460053
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
1 file changed
tree: 32e8af7a009e4953240e7c62be485ff89565da70
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