mako: update prebuilt kernel

9711841 sync: Fix a race condition between release_obj and print_obj
81e45a9 sync: signal pt before sync_timeline object gets destroyed
580c2c0 staging: android: ashmem: Avoid deadlock with mmap/shrink
bd372d0 Revert "Revert "POWER: Add an API call to log wake wakeup reason""
1851b52 Revert "Revert "POWER: fix compile warnings in log_wakeup_reason""
222bd13 Revert "Revert "Power: add an API to log wakeup reasons""

Bug: 13114122
Bug: 11628699
Bug: 12548675
Change-Id: I83b182a287098bc93eeb63c0bb166626d974a67d
1 file changed
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