mako: update prebuilt kernel and wifi

db31980 mako: hdmi: fix hdmi_pll_enable failure
2168e1b msm: clock-8960: fix the merge error
9b67ee0 msm: set the packed write feature in platform data for eMMC
9ccbff5 arm/dt: msm8974: add support for SD/eMMC bus speed modes
45f39a7 mako: defconfig: auto-updates
39835c3 mmc: check the emmc version for the write packing
78e0719 mako: tethering gadget(CDC-ECM) is replaced with RNDIS
1137258 mako: msm: iommu: Split rotator/mdp iommu domains
8c0f169 mako: touch: support new touch panel (PLG137/0.9T)

4ddee5 msm: display: Set MDP revision as 4.4 for MSM8960AB
8f362fe msm: socinfo: Support additional SoC IDs for 8930AA
9c74926 msm: Add preliminary support for MSM8960AB
bb02176 msm: Kconfig: Select ENABLE_HOLES_IN_ZONE for 7x30
99da86e u_data_hsuart: Use correct name for the debug entry
3bb47a0 msm_fb: HDMI: Fix for high HDMI sleep current
ae39d6d msm: 7x27a: audio: set LPA mode for LPA session
becf41c msm: camera: Fix crash in camera on 8660
5322391 msm_fb: HDMI: Fix handling of HDMI PLL software reset
a0bc410 msm: board-8960: Update touch config to improve latency
05d6851 msm: pm-8x60: Check for SPM status in msm_pm_verify_cpu_pc
1088bdb msm: kgsl: Idle the GPU after recovery in recovery routine
3d29736 video: msm: Fix corner cases of "read twice" error
06a2c72 msm:kgsl: Adjust the GMEM save Procedure as per A3XX GPU spec
d1582ff ASoC: msm: Add back-end enablement for CPU DAIs.
728b466 msm7627a: Enable Memory Compaction on 7x27a/8x25
2f7f94c msm_fb: hdmi: Do not turn on HPD at boot
10bbb7d msm_fb: display: use spin_lock_bh() when turns on/off dsi_clk
2e6de3f msm: 7630_defconfig: Enable ION
03b698a msm: board-7630: Add ION board support
98dfb65 msm: vidc: Adds support to parse SEQ_CHANGED cmd payload
ae920e7 msm: idle-v7: Write Krait-specific bits before WFI
0df5994 gpu: ion: Add missing arg to WARN call
a623da8 msm: bam_dmux: Add locking around platform device calls
c13372e msm: camera: Initialize the vfe stats structures.
6d353ee Bluetooth: Avoid race condition between hci registration/un-registration
ec6a803 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM8960AB
7e3941b msm: kgsl: Set the default 8930 graphics power level to nominal
204b6f7 msm: board-8930: Add pdata for touch controller
78fe53c input: atmel_mxt_ts: Add firmware upgrade support for MXT224E
c7f9899 ASoC: Don't set command state value for session time
18481ea msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock to 400MHz
0c1b8b2 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Flush ep0IN and ep0OUT endpoint from ep_dequeue
1eca352 msm: rotator: Add secure session flag to rotator start data
97c332d msm_fb: display: Add DMA and Overlay blt mode address to MDP driver
15dbeaa ASoC: WCD9xxx: Add Micbias capless mode to platform data
18e97cd msm_fb: MHL: Driver changes for Integrated MHL
9194824d net: usb: Add support for poll system call
6ccbf13 power: pm8921-charger: add reverse boost fix for dc_in
0789fc6 power: pm8921-charger: add UVD threshold API
c7bba2f power: pm8921-charger: fix decrease_usb_value for PM8917
b157ff7 power: pm8921-charger: change BOOT_DONE configuration
9ae3efb hwmon: pm8xxx-adc: Update pa_therm mapping table
be39728 msm: kgsl: Add idle after writing SMMU ASID register
5941a33 msm: acpuclock: Fix error path in multicore targets
ff639f2 msm: iomap: Remove duplicate UART mapping
c6d904c msm_fb: MHL: Board file changes for Integrated MHL
3542599 msm: clock-9615: Prevent USB-HS clocks from voting on CXO
128986a msm: clock-9615: Rename pll*_acpu_clk to pll*_activeonly_clk
44b79b7 diag: Add missing SSID range
cf21e44 Revert "msm: kgsl: Remove additional idle commands"
621c1bf Revert "msm: kgsl: Enable GDHS of GPU power rail while the screen is on"
9b54d88 mmc: card: Add eMMC4.5 write packed commands unit-tests
990c8ed board: 8064: storage: increase active drive strength for SDC3 slot
68d55cf USB: msm_otg: Add debouncing logic for PMIC id line status handling
e83c2bb ASoC: msm: Fix CVS variable with VoLTE string.
27e7b94 gpio: msm-common: Set irq attributes on irqdomain map call
d2059c3 msm: pm-8x60: Initialize attributes with sysfs_attr_init()
0df9bb2 msm: Add support for MSM8930AA
8b38bb3 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM8930AA
9d7db4f msm_fb: display: Wait for overlay done after DSI Video writeback switch
e3b0306 msm: clock-8974: Add kgsl and kgsl IOMMU clock support.
68210ff msm: mpq8064: pcie: Correct the PCIE device address space allocation
66bd39d ASoc: msm: Add fix for Unsupported Proxy backend sample rates.
bc363fe msm: rpm-smd: Fix spinlock bad magic for msm_rpm_sleep_notifier
18057ed arm/dt: msm8974: Add labels spmi_bus and rpm_bus
304d9f5 touchscreen: cyttsp-i2c-qc: Add low power mode functionality
2837828 cy8c_ts: Set input property bit to indicate a direct input device
89bd323 msm: kgsl: Optimize page_alloc allocations
12cc1dd platform: msm: Add qpnp-pwm driver
2db0c0e msm8974: Enable watchdog on msm8974
84bc89a wcnss: fix incomplete ramdump for wcnss
0601132 tty: n_smux: Fix workqueue flush deadlock and local mode reset
6f4ceb1 Bluetooth : Ignore incomming events when the hci device is down
a50b51d ASoC: msm: Support for non-DTS Q6 image
ef95ae3 msm: iommu: Split rotator/mdp iommu domains
6084636 vidc: Adjust core timeout based on input frame size
371b67a msm: 8660-defconfig: Enable IOMMU
ce27e56 msm: iommu-domains: Check IOMMU capability of device
a735489 ASoC: wcd9304: Fix IIR filter controls
6d7d16c msm: clock-8960: Add device names for TSIF clocks on 8064/8960
78f3492 msm: defconfig: 9615: Compile both HSUSB and HSIC
d9bbef3 usb: gadget: conversion of controllers choice to menu
479f2eb msm: board-9615: Configure devices for HSIC/HSUSB concurrent mode.
3987b8d usb: gadget: android: Set usb_core_id if exists
9cea7ca msm: watchdog: Flush caches before calling panic
b0884a9 ARM: 7438/1: fill possible PMD empty section gaps
316620f msm: qdsp5: Add ION framework support for 7x27A & 8x25 targets
50f0f86 msm_fb: display: Add ion support for PPP
172c98b msm: QDSP5: audio: Migrate to ION
1fb4165 defconfig: Enable ion for 7627a/8625
4d67f1a msm: iommu: Add KGSL IOMMU device
baf31f4 USB: OTG: Ignore PMIC BSV interrupt while mode is A Host Mode or above
45376de msm: dma: Use clk_prepare and clk_unprepare
46e51b5 msm: pil-vidc: Migrate to devm_clk_get()
50d623e defconfig: Enable Venus PIL driver for 8974
828798d msm: pil-venus: Add Venus PIL driver for 8974
cee3d06 msm: board-8930: Update the PM8038 MPP init data
1fc82a2 msm: vidc: Adds Profile and Level support
e29238b msm: vidc: Adds support for VC-1 decoder
48b8586 ARM: smp: Fix suspicious RCU originating from cpu_die()
fb71ba6 msm: pil-mba: Unregister from pil upon driver exit
b399a4f msm: smd_pkt: Fix wakelock concurrency issue
d92be42 msm: devices-8660: Add iommu domain device
aba208d msm: Change semantics of cpu_is_msm8930()
ea9c918 msm: qdsp5: Fix MVS driver for EVRC codec
b361d77 msm: vidc: Adds new event type
f411769 Bluetooth : hidp: Get the valid hci_conn while unlink
2db3384 msm: camera: Add free status buffer queue
0976074 Bluetooth: Update the scan state with Inquiry commands in non-LE case
bf97895 ASoC: msm: fall back to have AFE port started at prepare
a479507 msm: audio: qdsp6v2: ION upgradation
d4a62ab20 msm_serial_hs_lite: Check SR[TXEMT] in wait_for_xmitr
57fc896 msm: board-8064:  Fix MHL USB high speed switch regulator name
9ec21d3 USB: OTG: msm: Add support for proprietary charger detection
12481fd msm: kgsl: Remove last_expired_ctxt_id
54bf3ab msm: camera: Send camif error notification to user.
388d5cf pm8xxx-adc: Fix lockdep warnings with key's not in .data
d0b6022 pm8xxx-adc: Remove dead debugfs code
0a56314 msm: pil: Unlock wakelock on proxy vote error path
d1f0102 msm: Add Watchdog V2 to Kconfig
bd453a9 gpu: ion: Add EXPORT_SYMBOL to various functions
e9cb4b8 msm: 8930: sd card's regulator can be turned off on new hardware
0fc258f msm: copper: Convert tzlog to Device Tree.
b6ff86b msm: msm_bus: Update clock APIs to support rounded rate
95a1c54 msm: pil-gss: Force into low power mode explicitly
373145c modem-8660: Don't restart non-modem processors in debug mode
fa18a03 msm: camera: Pass device pointer to regulator_get()
d032f5b tty: n_smux: Trigger TX worker after wakeup
a9b0647 tty: n_smux: Remove Sleep Request ACK when powering down
0562017 tty: n_smux: Increase inactivity timeout
647b004 Bluetooth: Store the MTU if configuration of other params fail
4314d1e usb: gadget: ci13xxx_udc: Set usb_core_id if exists
0fbae69 defconfig: remove CONFIG_MMC_MSM_CARD_HW_DETECTION
39306c2 gpio: msm: Add TLMM pad support for SDC2
ddd4510 ASoC: WCD9304: Apply digital gain after digital path is turned ON
a89ffc7 msm: board: Set the correct 2D core clock frequency in 7x30
05b7f34 defconfig: msm8974: Enable mass storage for host mode
d83cc69 defconfig: msm8974: Enable XHCI host mode
ba26ebf usb: msm8974: Select USB_ARCH_HAS_XHCI by default
01bc871 mmc: msm_sdcc: Add new soft reset mechanism for SDCCv4
87c4e8e msm: board-8930: Configure GPU turbo clock to 400MHz for msm8627
c00dfe2 msm: Use immediate operations instead of PC-relative loads
a43f44b msm_fb: Handle multiple histogram reader errors during suspend/resume
c45b820 Revert "Revert "video: msm: Always queue histogram work""
105d07f EHCI: HSIC: Add debug support for HSIC system error
302d9a3 msm: acpuclock-krait: Clean up error paths in initialization code
754ee27 msm: acpuclock-krait: Support booting with fewer CPUs
30f30f7 power: pm8921-bms: fine tune the uuc scaling algorithm
5adb253 power: pm8921-bms: remove support for pm8921 v1.0 and v1.1
6c7dc95 ASoC: msm: Use spin lock to protect the shared data
5b165cb RNDIS: Add Data aggregation (multi packet) support
4b66b37 SSR: Make smem ramdump devices unique
f8634bb msm: clock-8974: Hold an active set vote for CXO in post_init
81797d9 regulator: Fix recursive mutex lockdep warning
89dd8eb msm_fb: HDMI: Fix lockdep warning
c82b9b8 msm: qdsp5v2: Upgrade qdsp5v2 audio driver code to use new clock API
5ee6b06 ARM: dma-mapping: remove unconditional dependency on CMA
d4398df ARM: integrate CMA with DMA-mapping subsystem
a530a7b msm: dma: Convert spinlocks to mutexes for new clock apis
ef37a64 msm: camera: Add support for autofocus driver for ov8825

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