mako: update prebuilt kernel

08d6794 defconfig: mako: Enable sync
fe6c39c msm: kgsl: Add support for Android's sync point framework
bd483da base: sync: signal a sync pt when not adding to the active_list
b714287 base: sync: include struct seq_file to fix compile warning
bc187e3 netlink: fix possible spoofing from non-root processes
6010652 af_netlink: force credentials passing [CVE-2012-3520]

Change-Id: I7bb91227113b678922a5eb8d33821c5565f233b2
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
1 file changed
tree: 4bf1be14b38d43f28c887e03a0cc6d47b81a97b3
  1. kernel