mako: update prebuilt kernel

29d975e msm: kgsl: Run the idle timer while the GPU is not power collapsed
1e0355e msm: kgsl: remove KGSL_IOCTL_WAKE from context destruction
3953ae6 msm: kgsl: manage active count in adreno_ioctl()
e4865e4 msm: kgsl: always check kgsl_active_count_get() result
f9f4495 msm: kgsl: Do not take active_cnt for events and waittimestamp
d9cba17 msm: kgsl: Add IB submission gate for device suspend
fc5f407 msm: kgsl: consolidate preamble based context switch code
6ede85a msm: kgsl: Allow sync points to be created on the submitter's context
ed47b20 msm: kgsl: Update dispatcher/server-side sync

b/11272022 - Kernel panic - adreno_dispatch.c
b/11028697 - Flight simulator power usage increased by 19%
b/11318505 - Live wallpaper power usage increased by 5%
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>

Change-Id: I8c1bf601dc151b58dd26683434d79e3557767824
1 file changed
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