mako: update prebuilt kernel

864ba84 wcnss: Add support for nv bin download at coldboot
2101239 Revert "wcnss: Add support for nv bin download at coldboot"

The following patches were in the previous prebuilt, but are updated due to a
forced git push (to correct patch 7623f46.)

1c36819 net: ipv6: Don't purge default router if accept_ra=2
142c457 timekeeping: fix 32-bit overflow in get_monotonic_boottime
f97b717 gpu: ion: add explicit sync ioctl (not implemented)
bfbc5ab mako_defconfig: enable kickstarter bridge over usb
923748c msm: vidc: add support for the bitstream_restrict flag
7623f46 mako_defconfig: disable the LGE crash handler

Bug: 8409439
Change-Id: I4cc509f1e1432d1cecaf5a7a9b82206e8487c296
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
1 file changed
tree: 1cdf2d7e0915636dd600754e19d9c18d5487d58d
  1. kernel