mako: update prebuilt kernel

9bb777d power: pm8921-charger: adjust vdd max earlier
1bd7c86 Revert "power: pm8921-charger: enable unplug_check for PC USB"
31802ec sync: improve timeout dumps
93b10c9 sync: use correct signed type when handling SYNC_IOC_WAIT
442fff4 sync: dump sync state to console on timeout
4581158 sync: clean up compiler warnings
131ed18 sync: fix erase-o in sync_fence_wait
df53a2ca sync: change wait timeout to mirror poll semantics
741cdde sync: add reference counting to timelines
c4af266 sync: add internal refcounting to fences
9934319 sync: optimize fence merges
1ee7685 sync: reorder sync_fence_release
4fa0eb8 power: pm8921-charger: enable unplug_check for PC USB

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1 file changed
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