mako: update prebuilt kernel

ae9075c prima: release v3.2.3.2
f657b55 wcnss: Add API to expose the IRIS XO mode set
3e6f05d ieee80211: Rename VHT cap struct
3cb732d mac80211: VHT (11ac) association
63c2da1 mac80211: include VHT capability IE in probe requests
bc5f3b1 wireless: add VHT (802.11ac) definitions
a5b8d2a cfg80211: fix VHT TDLS peer AID verification
a375327 cfg80211: Allow TDLS peer AID to be configured for VHT
8138590 cfg80211/nl80211: add API for MAC address ACLs
ebed156 cfg80211: Extend support for IEEE 802.11r Fast BSS Transition
e928933 cfg80211: enable TDLS on P2P client interfaces
3620ebe cfg80211: fix station change if TDLS isn't supported
cd155cf cfg80211: Pass TDLS peer's QoS/HT/VHT information during set_station
84544ef cfg80211: Pass station (extended) capability info to kernel
7c64304 {nl,cfg}80211: Peer STA VHT caps
0635028 cfg80211: allow advertising VHT capabilities
8d9ce45 slimport: anx7808: add dynamic channel configuration

CR502650: [mako] potential roaming triggers waking up host processor many times while phone is stationary
CR472408: Listen interval calculated based on modulated DTIM not to exceed a configurable delta.
CR458146: PNO is not working for scanning multiple APs on different channels on 2.4GHz/5GHz band
CR439808: wifi crash when wifi on/off over night test
CR487909: Crash observed when enabling/disabling Radio
CR514763: WLAN did not sent WLAN_HAL_ENTER_IMPS_RSP to WLAN host driver.

b/7733721   [msm8x64] TDLS on KLP -- partial fix
b/10039821  [msm8x64] Add scheduled scan (PNO)
b/8895674   [mako] Corruption caused by uninitialized memory read in Wi-Fi subsystem on jb-mr2-dev Nexus 4
b/9799261   [mako] 230 WLAN roaming interrupt is triggered even the device is keep still and wifi signal is strong.
b/9503577   [mako] Device wake up by pm8xxx_usr_irq and screen off power usage increased (this is duplicate of 9799261)

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Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
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