mako: update prebuilt kernel

-- b/7071239
-- hdmi/slimport improvments
-- prevent charging overheated batteries
-- ION bug-fix cherry-pick from common/android-3.4

8f87790 mako: defconfig: auto-generated
2d2cb97 mako: display: fixed abnormal display initialization
7a72ca6 power: pm8921-charger: prevent recharging when batt is overheat
19c87dd power: charger: set under threshold as vddmax_min for unplug_usbcheck_work.
506f81c ASoC: wcd9310: Turn off slimbus clocks when no ports are active
b9873fd slimport: Modify to support slimport-to-VGA and slimport-to-DP dongles
ffb7305 slimport: reduce hdmi connection setup time
6ca9531 gpu: ion: Fix race between ion_import and ion_free
da2f5f2 usb: gadget: prevent change of Host MAC address of 'usb0' interface
674a167 msm_fb: Fix display corruption with continuous splash screen feature

Change-Id: I8eb22eae698cec5feaa10a5b92c6686d7276ac9a
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
1 file changed
tree: e418b8727bf76f7288fc95e33b563d67011caf4b
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