mako: prebuilt 3.4 kernel and wifi driver

-- top SHAs:
4ce6ebb backlight: lm3530: fix the abnormal backlght control
b939c2f msm_fb: HACK: wait until completing  backlight control
adc9330 mako: display: change power off sequence of display system
7d549cb msm: ramdump: fix duplicated sysfs ramdump
bd78381 mako: touch: removed ghost codes and added touch point trace
a6a8af2 mako: touch: enable REDUCED REPORT MODE with TH 5
52a79fa msm: add PICE clock table when enabled PCIE
420825a mako: touch: disable ghost finger correction
b0a55c8 mako: seperate mako codes from qcom codes
098aa9d mako: touch: use MT protocol type B

-- remote:

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