mako: update prebuilt kernel

ea732ca timekeeping: fix 32-bit overflow in get_monotonic_boottime
06338d8c msm: kgsl: Fix hang detection to be 50ms or more
5a932ae msm: kgsl: Use the correct timestamp for the snapshot
6935985 msm: kgsl: snapshot: Don't keep parsing indirect buffers on failure
ad8061b msm: kgsl: Make sure the last IB2 is in the static snapshot region
3cfd221 msm: kgsl: Make the snapshot dumper more tolerant of corrupted IBs
1d9db3c msm: kgsl: Send the correct timestamp to an expired event
fb299a9 msm: kgsl: Add adreno_is_a330() for A330 specific code
87829f7 msm: kgsl: Don't silently ignore events that have a retired timestamp
af70cba msm: kgsl: Remove duplicate code for checking timestamps
c32d91a msm: kgsl: Add context reference counting to KGSL events
124a8e7 msm: kgsl: Move events to context specific lists
3862add msm: kgsl: Add the GPU chip ID for the 8064v2 SoC.
f8bd625 iommu/msm: let iommu_map_range use all page sizes.
9b49e9d msm: kgsl: Don't change the sglen of the memdesc if allocation fails
7c8fc38 msm: kgsl: Modify kgsl_mmu_pagefault ftrace event format
8563242 msm: kgsl: Add minimum amount of wait in adreno_waittimestamp
adee1d3 msm: kgsl: Cleanup memdesc flags
f8fbbfd msm: kgsl: Change GPU Fast Hang detection to 50ms
7802a51 msm: kgsl: Avoid NULL pointer in adreno setstate functions
0b60090 msm: kgsl: Don't wake up gpu on kgsl_ioctl calls if not necessary
f493dd4 msm: kgsl: Add context reference counting to KGSL events
8b73bfd msm: kgsl: Ensure context pointer exists before dereferencing
5e55d99 msm: kgsl: Process all idle checks
8954f7f msm: kgsl: Issue conditional interrupts on internal submissions
9a3d9ae msm: kgsl: fix global timestamp wait
4f33fe7 msm: kgsl: Add support to use timestamps from userspace for an issue
32db8cb msm: kgsl: Add a flag to context struct for bad timestamp waits
57a4a6b msm: kgsl: Check for valid pointer before dereferencing
e6b19cf msm: kgsl: Define unique values for context flags
598b6a7 msm: kgsl: Use signed integers for power level comparsions
1b5ab52 msm: kgsl: Always set the active powerlevel when changing clock rates
7c83554 msm: kgsl: Add max and min power level controls in sysfs
ff5c0c2 msm: kgsl: Disable HLSQ register reads from snapshot
2dae392 msm: kgsl: Pass multiple register sets to the snapshot register dump
3e4a3bb msm: kgsl: Disable clock gating earlier during snapshot
e9ec691 msm: kgsl: Remove incorrect check for current context
c76e537 msm: kgsl: Set requested power state to NONE after resume
eb00fb0 msm: kgsl: Issue conditional interrupts on internal submissions
96eebcb msm: kgsl: include msm-specific ion header
efc9c6c msm: kgsl: Always reset global ts_cmp_enable on GPU interrupts
e6d6862 msm: kgsl: Set sysfs max clock for devices with no power scale policy
62424cc msm: kgsl: On pagefault stall GPU so that it hangs
521287f msm: kgsl: Enable "big page" memory allocations
38cafc4 msm: kgsl: Limit GPU memory buffer allocation sizes
c666b10 msm: kgsl: set io_fraction to max for msm policy
4337bbd msm: kgsl: add per-process memory info to debugfs
70829b4 msm: kgsl: add userspace memory type to ftrace events
2755e93 msm: kgsl: set userspace memory type on each memdesc
33d2a78 msm: kgsl: Watch SP_FS_FULL_ALU_INSTRUCTIONS for hang detection
cd7c726 msm: kgsl: Add the thread group leader ID to memory traces
c1f2d0b msm: kgsl: Do not allocate space in ringbuffer for hung context
fc72bb9 msm: kgsl: unprepare clocks when we move from NAP to SLEEP
39a0c5d msm: kgsl: Handle missed alloc error cases
41d8aa5 msm: kgsl: A3xx: Initialize UCHE 64-byte cachelines
a696d87 msm: kgsl: set GPU register RB_GMEM_BASE_ADDR
bf860fa msm: kgsl: Do not save context if it is being destroyed
c3639f4 msm: kgsl: Restructure offset definitions for IOMMU registers
afc1735 msm: kgsl: Don't report io_busy for msm policy
86b5724 msm: kgsl: Turn on additional clock for IOMMU
aab14d4 msm: kgsl: Set the gpu address range for MMU to correct value
aaab50a msm: kgsl: Enable GPU DCVS by default where possible
f914fd6 msm: kgsl: Add new sysfs node to list GPU clock frequencies
2627516 msm: kgsl: Return error code when ION setup fails
7069959 msm: kgsl: Update pagetable on context destruction for A20x
ea6a11a msm: kgsl: Need to explicitly halt the ME on stop
b6a9c78 mako_defconfig: Enable HIDDEV

Bug: 8129670
Bug: 8105271
Bug: 7643792
Change-Id: If250669a4c6cb964a04681d7faa16c9804f53b7a
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
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