mako: update prebuilt

-- compile in interactive governor
-- support for getting vsync from sysfs
-- debug code on getting invalid playback routes
-- support for mpdecision improvements

5719529 msm_fb: display: Send vsync events using sysfs for MDP4 targets
3cf0a81 msm_fb: display: add support of mdp clocks controlled by vsync
182fb39 msm_fb: display: add dcs command list for dsi command mode
c6ced86 mako_defconfig: enable te interactive governor
cf13495 printk: Defer CPU_ONLINE console flushing
734dc21 soc-pcm: WARN_ON invalid playback route
44bb243 msm: rq_stats: Support to know cpu utilization in userspace

Bug: 7274951
Change-Id: I059cc17271c05e8539a403ecceea40ce4e873b8b
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
1 file changed
tree: 130e184c75d26bb2c2954f584c32472235bfe70d
  1. kernel