hammerhead: Change APNs as request of operators

- remove Optus Business and 3G apn
  Optus Business apn should only be used in cases where the device
  is ranged as business device. not used for Nexus device.
  Optus internet apn is still used for only 2G/3G but not LTE.
- La Poste Mobile(France) changes their apn for 4GLTE service
  add ia type for 208/10/gid/4C
  add 4G default apn, add mms apn and change wap apn for 3G
- remove dun profile for Digicel(France)
- add initial attach profile for jazztel
- change profile name alon to youphone
- change mmsc and protocol for BH(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
- change internet apn and mms info for M:TEL(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
- APN for Telefonica is outdated, proxy to be removed
- T-Mobile Internet APN is changed to LTE APN
- outdated-operator: 284/05 Telenor BG has changed in Nov 2014
- update apn infomation for Spark and Skinny in NewZealand
  Spark is the new name for Telecom which was changed on 08/08/2014.
  Skinny is mvno operator of Spark.
- Remove orange il DUN profile and add mmsproxy
- Remove M1 WAP apn
  As per operator M1, "M1 WAP" is outdated, and not in use, Kindly remove "M1 WAP".
  After removing "M1 WAP", when user insert M1 SIM, "Sunsurf Mobile" should be selected as default.
- Virgin apn settings for 4G device
  virgin start 4G service.
  old apn are incorrect for 4g device (browsing is limited and mms will not work)
- Indonesia profile changes
  510/89 Hutch(Indonesia) remove proxy info
  510/10 Telkomsel(Indonesia) change profile name

Bug: 22302846
Change-Id: I15c41a872626f8087bdf093aba8ab3d41f3c557b
Signed-off-by: sy.yun <sy.yun@lge.com>
Signed-off-by: hyunsoon.yun <hyunsoon.yun@lge.com>
Signed-off-by: Sungmin Choi <sungmin.choi@lge.com>
1 file changed