hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

9a217c0 msm: mdss: expose MDP capabilities through sysfs
8f96a41 msm: mdss: enable overfetch in dual pipe scenarios
297ce61 msm: mdss: Add support to YCBYCR MDP format
8f28d54 msm: mdss: Add rotator sync point support in mdss
6949114 msm: mdss: Make mdp sync point generic to use
18916d2 mdss: Remove lock from vsync control
0a70a3c msm: mdss: Modify the calibration register address check range
ca6fe8b msm: mdss: release process resources on fb close
980938e msm: mdss: Avoid deadlock in interrupt handler
f59aceb msm: mdss: hdmi: NUL-terminate spd data
58d71b6 msm: mdss: Introduce error checks for rotator sessions
782f7f8 msm: mdss: Allow DMA pipe sharing only on WB mixer
6910004 msm: mdss: Prevent AD backlight calculation before suspend
cbf3420 Revert "msm: mdss: Prevent non-zero backlight following display blank"
d546e14 msm: mdss: Support planar output format for rotator
216be1c msm: mdss: sanitize histogram bin count
3ece55c msm: mdss: Fix ARGC copy size from user
56c133c msm: mdss: Fix register address range check
824e9e8 msm: mdss: Fix DSPP layer mixer programming

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