hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

7315249 arm/dt: hammerhead: remove unused node to prevent gpio confliction
7579a7f arm/dt: hammerhead: Change pwm frequecy from 200Hz to 5kHz
0e0aa20 arm/dt: hammerhead: Add the device tree for rev.c
af9dca8 netlink: validate addr_len on bind

Previous commit f6ad0f3 has following SHA

17dd56c input: SynaImage_ds5: Firmware E029 (ORISE)
75b5c47 input: touch_synaptics: remove debug msg causing watchdog

Change-Id: Ie3590025d72f84fc235fec04853c8ac2510af0a4
1 file changed
tree: 64f56d53c3aff6f9f77c33509d01607d699c1ae1
  1. zImage-dtb