hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

84cdd9e gpu: ion: Ensure zeroed memory gets written to RAM
69aa43e msm: kgsl: Allow sync points to be created on the submitter's context
80f38bb msm: kgsl: Support generic GPU trace events
d7cdbea msm: kgsl: Try to run soft reset on all targets that support it
228a86f msm: kgsl: Check for idle in the fault detection timer
3a4e23b msm: kgsl: Improve the dispatcher issuecmds loop
05478bc msm: kgsl: guard all mem_idr operations with the mem_lock
e1f2f5e msm: kgsl: Fix addressing of FSYNR0 and FSYNR1 registers
e591919 msm: kgsl: Add the event callback symbol to GPU event tracepoints
ee482b3 msm: kgsl: send ringbuffer NOP padding with the next command
534d3a2 msm: kgsl: Add a ftrace event for adreno context switches
18de7d1 msm: kgsl: Remove msm-dcvs pwrscale driver
ad03971 msm: kgsl: Setup a3xx protection in its start function
7e7f8c3 msm: kgsl: Configure FT behaviour from sysfs instead of debugfs
9c7b08c msm: kgsl: On release only detach contexts owned by the instance
3ca9d15 msm: kgsl: Update dispatcher/server-side sync

Bug: 10041465
Bug: 9886256
Bug: 10225921
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