hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

82560c2 arm/dt: msm8974: Enable Venus memory and logic rail retention
8b34579 arm/dt: msm8974: Enable MDSS memory and logic rail retention
7b5f49d ARM: dts: msm: Allow L2 to be in GDHS during Standalone PC for msm8974
573f09d block: row: change hrtimer_cancel to hrtimer_try_to_cancel
6a7448e sd: change to auto suspend mode
c748f94 sd: use REQ_PM in sd's runtime suspend operation
3fdccd3 scsi_pm: use callbacks from dev_pm_ops for scsi devices
df5d0d8 scsi_pm: resume device if suspend failed
159f2be block: implement runtime pm strategy
40733be block: add runtime pm helpers
f0f7d6e block: add a flag to identify PM request
07a162d power: qpnp-charger: change VIN_MIN_MV to correct value
dd34b84 power: qpnp-charger: add support for BTC devicetree configuration
1df85e0 ASoC: msm: Add error returns to ACDB driver
f1d43b0 msm: kgsl: Bypass SP counter 4 on A33x
63196aa msm: cpufreq: Relax constraints on "msm-cpufreq" workqueue
19461f5 msm: kgsl: Restrict allocated memory alignment to a max of 2^31
b188cd4 msm: smcmod: Flush the ion buffers prior to scm_call
6986a5f ASoC: msm8974: Fix external speaker power amp shutdown sequence
97e931e USB: xhci: Add RESET delay quirk for DWC3 controller
3513fae msm: ipc: Return error value on send failure
83ce7a5 diag: Fix incorrect handling of buffers
778b60c ion: Add null-pointer check to info structure
acdf10a ion: msm: Add null-pointer check to info struct
ad76e26 msm: smp2p: fix potential uninitialized variable access
3d7e0e0 msm: smd_tty: handle invalid device for open timeout
ac34bac msm: smem: init remote spinlocks before handing out reference
26c3c68 msm: smcmod: Flush the cache before invoking scm_call
ca3e081 diag: Fix race condition in diagchar driver
a761d45 usb: gadget: u_ether: Fix memory corruption in TX path
b60b585 msm: socinfo: Add support for MSM8974PRO AA/AB/AC
745a17eb ARM: dts: msm: Add MSM8974Pro device tree files
d8bd8e1 msm: kgsl: disable full cache flush if full_cache_threshold is 0
591eb88 ASoC: wcd9320: Update headphone static gain in companding mode
9927b60 msm: qmi: Update the wait-for-response to UNINTERRUPTIBLE
3eceda8 regulator: qpnp-regulator: Don't print errors during probe deferral
9c0c512 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix for invalid mem handle after ADSP SSR
1f74ab4 msm: ipa: use smem_alloc2 to allocate SMEM pipe mem
fae001f ARM: dts: msm: Enable PMIC phase scaling based on eFuse scaling factor
4a348d4 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Fix incorrect sleep time
90c9968 [media] v4l: Fix conflicting values of two controls
599260b msm: rpm-smd: Wait for RPM channel notification before opening a channel
aa9a8d3 usb: ehci-msm: Fix unclocked access on system resume
66f033b rtc: qpnp-rtc: Add module parameter to control power-on alarm
94f46873 msm: mdss: remove pipe queue from pan display
bb469d4 msm: vidc: Fix bug in subsystem_get error handling
99d49a9 arm/dt: msm8974: Add touchscreen firmware file name
6e3d2dd msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Get smem reason buffer without taking remote spinlock
b0b6abf msm: ipa: wwan: release producer only when no outstanding packets
7c7b08b usb: ehci-msm2: replace wakelock with wakeup source
bdffdd1 usb: usb_bam: Don't wait for consumer request on disconnect pipes
2a7b73c ASoC: msm: Change the definition of port_session variable
030e870 msm: kgsl: Do not start performance counters if not present
6bef2af msm: smem: Update SMEM log dump_sym to indicate QMI modules
4651b14 ARM: dts: msm: Add VDD_CX to Dragonboard APQ8074 camera
dcb5282 block: row-iosched idling triggered by readahead pages
be087c9 mm: pass readahead info down to the i/o scheduler
d9a6f33 mdss: dsi: turn on/off TE output from DSI panel.
8c7f3b0 hwmon: qpnp-vadc: Fix probe error paths
91aec46 msm: mdss: use default iommu page fault handler
d52ac65 PM / devfreq: predef governors update freq when device is resumed
d2b05b4 PM / devfreq: set min/max freq limit from freq table
e9628f40 msm: smem: Add non-locking smem-get function
5795b32 ASoC: msm: change default Dolby endpoint to EXT speakers
814235d qseecom: Add cache functionality
8e73685 diag: Update SSIDs and log codes
db4c20a msm: ipc_logging: Add IPC Logging documentation
11a59ae msm: mdss: Support additional vreg fields in dtsi
ddbd112 mmc: sdio: Update the buffer copy to include the last char
56c6d77 gpu: ion: Don't flush secure buffers
3cb918c iommu: msm: Add decoding to PAR when fault occurs
ac31dc9 msm: ipc_logging: move deserialize function
12fb0df msm: ipa: ensure IPA core is clocked before any register access
c3bb971 mmc: msm_sdcc: Fix null pointer dereference in msmsdcc_pio_irq()
b3a52ed mmc: block: fix the block driver shutdown
7091708 msm: ipa: Fix the rmnet0 fragment rule missing
bc6e5be msm: ipa: make add/delete dependency APIs to run exclusively
427f987 msm: acpuclock: Fix acpuclk_data null pointer dereference
5abdea7 msm: mdss: update register list in support API
e02f55e ARM: dts: msm: add gcc mux to hardware event dt node for 8974
b1f0199 msm: kgsl: Use ion_share_dma_buf_fd to get ion fd
e8ffa4f msm: kgsl: Add a barrier after writing to V2PUR register
0f4edf8 msm: remove fmem support
887b9ef msm: kgsl: tracepoint cleanup
3117ab7 arm/dt: msm8974: Disable PM8941 MPP 1
c47559e usb: gadget: Fix datastall upon USB cable disconnect
d633a0b usb: usb_bam: Don't wait for consumer request on connect pipes
a3d0e2f USB: msm_otg: Allow platforms to vote for BUS bw on cable connect
a104a58 msm: msm_dcvs_scm: Flush buffers before invoking scm_call
e246508 ARM: dts: msm: fix vddmax, tchg-mins and vddsafe for 8226 QRD
07c6dc1 msm: ipa: Move ipv4 RT rules to use system memory
17e0911 msm: ipc: Handle the Resume_Tx events from remote endpoints
b9db167 ARM: dts: msm: fix wrong command mode panel format.
f34863d media: dvb: Fix H264 indexing configuration
7b9454d sensor: Add verify ID for G-sensor KXTIK-1004
ea44df0 USB: host: ehci-msm2: Add debugfs entry to access phy registers
d1c278f usb: msm_otg: add charger detection for floated D+ and D-
f1bd046 msm: ipa: a2_service: race condition fix
3793ccc msm: camera: Reset core when HALT timeout
dbe814f usb: gadget: composite: Fix a bug in delayed status handling
959694b arm/dt: msm8974: Tune HS PHY init sequence for USB3
6f28603 net: rmnet_usb: Fix probe error path
d28e931 net: rmnet_usb: Block open until a response is received from MDM
9acf468 net: rmnet_usb: initialize rmnet before registering with usb
6ff8338 net: rmnet_usb: Fix rx_submitted anchor list corruption
4e024c4 net: rmnet_usb: qmap: reset skb tail when changing data pointer
a95b3ac net: usb: Add MUX support in embedded rmnet driver
2112376 net: rmnet_usb: Fix assignment order of instances
518ed0b net: rmnet_usb: Add support for PID 0x9079
5240696 net: rmnet_usb: Support multiple instances
b647f0c1 net: rmnet_usb: Use USB_DEVICE_INTERFACE_NUMBER
c88934e usb: gadget: u_data_hsic: Use GFP_KERNEL where ever possible
532733e usb: gadget: u_data_hsic: Cancel pending MDM write work during remove
024d86f USB: mdm_bridge: Fix probe error path
d36cc89 USB: mdm_bridge: Fix control bridge suspend
6474152 USB: mdm_bridge: Simplify data bridge suspend/resume path
2c49da2 usb: mdm_bridge: Add support for multiple instance of dun and rmnet driver
c437aef usb: gadget: Support multiple HSIC transport instances for dun and rmnet
c1c236d usb: mdm_bridge: Fix race between disconnect and I/O completion handler
84045b4 fs: vfat: reduce the worst case latencies
fb8243c msm: vdec: Update firmware with input buffer count
1b119fe msm: camera: Configure LED's independently
c494e66 msm: mdss: hdmi: Fix unclocked register access during power off
44e03d4 ASoC: msm: Add volume control to set volume on platform driver
bd0be6f camera_v2: Don't touch CCI if daemon crashed.
7f6b201 iommu: msm: Lock the meta data against map/unmap races
bd19ca0 led: leds-qpnp: Add work queue to LED driver
cf71ae9 msm: kgsl: Prevent race conditions when freeing memory
b6f9bd3 msm: kgsl: Remove the skip counting code from the trustzone policy
b95ee38 msm: kgsl: GPU fault tolerance timer
9c2281f USB: dwc3: core: Add module parameter for TX fifo resize
c1ee91b msm: kgsl: Always resume the GPU regardless of its state
8c4433f msm: kgsl: GPU soft reset
f050f9a msm: mdss: Update error logging
7f1659a msm: vidc: suppress v4l2 driver probe messages
3d1e60d ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix import buffer to map kernel internally
35c54bd cpufreq: ondemand: Fix locking issue in store_powersave_bias
3a16de8 arm/dt: msm8974: Remove length field in reg property
d929d42 ARM: dts: msm: Drop useless includes
f313e49 msm: camera2: Enhance cpp driver for error handling
1182bed msm: camera2: Add recovery mechanism in cpp driver
f7d8188 msm: pproc: Change error handling for msm_iommu_get_ctx
34945a4 msm:cpp: Enable two paralel to planar output in cpp
501bc07 msm: mdss: Additional error handling in pipe_setup
be3bd28 mdss: hdmi: hdmi 3d length check
3b82649 arm: dts: msm8974: Enable L2 power collapse during sleep

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