hammerhead: Update prebuilt clean kernel

2f4b19e usb: gadget: add the laf usb function driver
7b0678f hammerhead_defconfig: Support HID devices
e5fcfa3 msm_serial_hs : Add support for 4 Mbps baud rate for BLSP UART
a0f4ba6 msm_serial_hs: Using new programming sequence for BAM Based UART
bd63e3e msm_serial_hs : Add check for UART type with clock off state machine
d3890a8 msm_serial_hs: Wait for discard flush completion for UART Rx channel
ebdcad9 hammerhead_defconfig: enbale bq51013b wireless charger
076ab77 arm/dt: hammerhead: add bq51013b wireless charger node
74b82df power: smb349: add support for wireless power supply
d50c366 power: bq51013b: add support for BQ51013B wireless charger
dca5286 power_supply: add wireless power supply type
f564802 touch: synaptics: use irq thread instead of workqueue
92dbdd6 touch: synaptics: set reduced mode threshold to 1
e530068 touch: synaptics: ignore interrupt with status 0
6e7d37c touch: synaptics: display firmware info
df5e411 msm: restart: Fix the reboot reason when reboot without cmd
99b787e hammerhead: lge_handle_panic: Do not enter lge crash handler
8c65a3c hammerhead: lge_handle_panic: add enable parameter
7c9c44d hammerhead_defconfig: Enable android ram console
20c4a38 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable the LGE Crash Handler
3c6421f hammerhead: Add initial LGE Crash Handler
93dff6a hammerhead: Support persistent ram and ram console
c9a0ced HID: hid-multitouch: fix wrong protocol detection
79916e2 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable the SMD tty ds legacy
af7fc4e msm: smd_tty: Support the SMD TTY DS Legacy interface
73bdc27 slimport: remove unnecessary synchronizing
3ca4287 slimport: support 500mA charging with slimport.

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