hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

b8fb322 backlight: lm3630_bl: Removed unnecessary gpio_direction_output setting
ff6ced3 hammerhead_defconfig: removing unused camera driver
0d2985c Revert "camera: mt9m114 camera sensor driver"
ec1c5ac8 arm/dt: hammerhead: Adjust Touch Panel for edge ghost finger
3e3e8f5 arm/dt: hammerhead: Change the threshold temperature for thermal
52e0ed4 arm/dt: hammerhead: change vadc channel setting for usb id
ac43d50 qpnp-adc-tm: change vadc channel for external pull-up usb_id
feb584e msm: mdss: Fix the dangling pointer bug of error handling.
3dba097 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable max1462x for headset detection
7988fd1 arm/dt: hammerhead: max1462x headset detection driver property
7ca8161 hammerhead: Set gpio mux for max1462x
006c89d switch: hds_max1462x: Add maxim headset detection(max1462x) driver
5f55c3f ASoc: msm: MBHC skipped when using external headset detection
cae179f input: touch_synaptics_ds5: Firmware E004

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1 file changed
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