hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

b9c1f01 power: bq24192: fix erroneous charge type reading
045772e power: bq24192: fix incorrect current limit setting for wireless charger
a3d89cb arm/dt: hammerhead: set input current of wireless charger as 900mA
772e433 power: bq24192: get device specific value from device tree
adbbb29 arm/dt: hammerhead: add properties for charger config value
cd1bc15 power: bq24192: use OTG enable register to check OTG mode

Bug: 9074782
Change-Id: I429d0b3ab2a887942f8e57985c8b38eed4036760
1 file changed
tree: 81ac6daff5cb193b31aa07e594c5e3b369243b08
  1. kernel