hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

8b8b354 msm: mdss: maintain backlight-related variables in mfd structure
85c46c6 Revert "msm: mdss: add debug message in setting backlight"
4fe57e4 Revert "msm: mdss: only the main display can update the bl_updated flag"
9a77cad msm: mdss: Replace vsync work queue with sysfs_notify_dirent
682a578 msm: mdss: Remove deprecated vsync pending variable
a12e5a9 mdss: display: Check for non-zero msleep values for LDOs
3dd6044 msm: mdss: Add plane alpha support
6740dfb mdss: display: add mdp core clock to dsi clock control
d4952de msm: mdss: Change the writeback format enumerations
54645b9 msm: mdss: Change the Alpha scaling type to bilinear
9f16b05 msm: mdss: Compensate for low VBP in MDP clock calculations
6f8c5a2 msm: mdss: Add support for disable load for hdmi vregs
87511aa msm: mdss: Return standard errno for error conditions
746d2d2 msm: mdss: validate fb backlight inputs
761008f msm: mdss: copy gamut conf tables from kernel mem
40d20c3 msm: mdss: Make wait_for_complete calls uninterruptible
3ca7337 msm_fb: mdss: register framebuffer devices for device shutdown
75fb842 Revert "msm_fb: mdss: register mdss devices for system shutdown"
fd5232a mdss: hdmi: Correct CEA format check
608ab7e msm: mdss: Make vsync wait non-interruptible in video_wait4comp
0eedd1f msm: mdss: Avoid used pipe list corruption
e22294f mdss: dsi: add dsi mode configuration in unblank event
fa67e7e msm: mdss: Add error check for cmds_tx and cmds_rx APIs
3e7b5cc msm: mdss: Fix the ctx num for virtual ctl
539db2c mdss: mdp: set minimum BIMC clock to 200 MHz in portrait cases
fa17616 msm: mdss: Do not unstage pipe when kickoff is issued without buffer
91c7ef9 msm: mdss: Fix order of DSI clocks operations
3910bd1 msm: mdss: account for decimation when calculating SMPs
691740a msm: mdss: Add support for BGRA and BGRX as writeback output format
174f9d1 msm: mdss: Add runtime writeback output format configuration
797aa78 mdss: overlay: Don't call kick-off for writeback panel on open
1d5219b mdss: dsi: Add first controller initialization in panel probe
6cc6c0a msm: mdss: Fix FB base layer pipe allocation failure
70fdd7d usb: dwc3-msm: remove use of global context variable (MHL)
ff9e4ac msm: mdss: support enter/exit DCM for calibration
2ea1897 msm: mdss: Do not call set rate for handoff enabled clocks
4ad901e msm: mdss: Support specific enable and disable load for vregs
86d49da mdss: Add return value when copy_from_user is successful

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