hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

388b4b9 msm: cci: fix for invalid error handle
172234d msm: camera: Checking an enum value greater than zero
6568103 msm: camera: Reset CCI core based on I2C MASTER
c07c074 msm: camera_v2: Don't touch CCI if camera daemon crashed.
afcff25 msm: camera: Exit gracefully while camera daemon crashes
e77ec80 msm: camera_v2: CCI release resources in case of timeout
5a2aca8 msm: camera: Fix various small issues in cci driver
04b8611 msm: camera: Use correct type for function return code
794dfaf arm/dt: msm8974: Change I2C clock for main and sub camera separately
53bed29 arm/dt: hammerhead: Update the gamma value for J1 (11/26/2013)

Bug: 11825720
Change-Id: I4e7a11dc3bd1a6b52ad137bb579734d2c7548b4e
2 files changed
tree: b52da7c71c8c7e3de31dd121b7ae4af5e2c2a69d
  1. vmlinux.bz2
  2. zImage-dtb