hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

2eddffa msm: krait-regulator: fix race conditions in regulator enable/disable
5e7b388 msm: krait-regulator: rename online to reg_en
80a745c msm: krait-regulator: switch mode on the same cpu
959d7bb random: remove rand_initialize_irq()
980bbbe random: add new get_random_bytes_arch() function
d557004 random: use the arch-specific rng in xfer_secondary_pool
3d2c6cb net: feed /dev/random with the MAC address when registering a device
bd31d78 usb: feed USB device information to the /dev/random driver
4d7c8d9 random: create add_device_randomness() interface
29ba71c random: use lockless techniques in the interrupt path
6beef75 random: make 'add_interrupt_randomness()' do something sane
fe0e215 video: slimport: support DP compatibility and low bandwidth
269e618 Motion Apps 5.1.6 Release Candidate 54
24dda13 Sensors: Invensense Motion Apps 5.1.6 Release Candidate 33
9de74de ASoC: pcm: Protect FE dai list during dai open/close

Bug: 10428086
Bug: 10382303

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