hammerhead: Update prebuilt clean kernel

fca142c power: max17048: fix erroneous power_supply_unregister call
dd29723 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable NFC BCM2079x
b25110a hammerhead: nfc: Support the bcm2079x driver
9e47475 nfc: Add initial bcm2079x driver
8dba6d8 msm: msm_bus: Move Krait to Priority 0
e799160 hammerhead: Set the gpiomux for max17048 fuel gauge
fb4de27 msm: clock-8974: Set the clock for max17048 fuel gauge
7e70b4e usb: dwc3-msm: add OF property for adc thresholds
eca697c hammerhead_defconfig: enable max17048 fuel gauge
80da24d arm/dt: hammerhead: add properties for MAX17048 fuel gauge
a19c023 arm/dt: hammerhead: disable pm8941 charger
5c84e5d usb: dwc3-msm: handle USB_DCP as AC type power supply
714576a usb: dwc3-msm: do not change USB power supply's 'type' property
36911b0 power: max17048: add support MAX17048 fuel gauge
e95af40 power: smb349: refactoring driver and implementing props.
7c4c626 hammerhead_defconfig: Disable the unused modules
387cbb1 usb: dwc3: remove unused platform glue
880cb81 vibrator: Change message level (pr_info->pr_debug)
33d0906 msm: mdss: Set XOR operation for opmode not OR operation.
c4d8df2 platform: qpnp-power-on: Check the disable property from DT
e6201ee arm/dt: hammerhead: Set the dsi pixel/byte clock and use-vdd-supply
2c7ba88 msm: mdss: Add use-vdd-supply support from DT
5d057c9 msm: mdss: Add the dsi byte/pixel clock support from DT
9b50ee8 ASoC: msm: pcm-routing: Add multimedia 4 mixer controls
6e56765 ASoC: msm: Pull down mic bias output by default
8a3b238 ASoc: msm: Changed the MBHC interrupt initial status
af01e03 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable slimport
239bdee msm: mdss: Support HDMI EDID for slimport
ef93054 video: slimport: Add new slimport driver
6df3a05 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable vibrator
4cb22bc hammerhead: Set the gpiomux for pwm vibrator
177a3ec msm: clock-8974: Support the clock for msm8974 pwm vibrator
03e5e65 vibrator: Add new msm8974 pwm vibrator driver
c518195 Revert "msm: pm-8x60: Use ktime_get for suspend stats"
e621b30 msm: mdss: Fix the display panel reset control
f9b306f msm: mdss: backlight control for lm3630
87e9a11 touch: synaptics: support page for register access
6d48b1d touch: synaptics: fix bit overwriting bug and use reduced mode
4d9cb44 touch: synaptics: ignore interrupt when int pin is high
f7a6a26 touch: synaptics: bug fix for releasing all fingers
8f79376 touch: synaptics: code clean up
b600803 touch: synaptics: fix do not upgrade with abnormal firmware
daef088 touch: synaptics: protocol B support and clean up work func
ddf6bf3 touch: synaptics: Update the synaptics driver and enable fw download
41291de hammerhead_defconfig: Enable LM3530 backlight driver
09735d4 hammerhead: Set the gpiomux for lm3630 backlight
7b64de1 backlight: Add new lm3630 backlight driver
c407d84 msm: mdss: Do not set the FLIP opmode for external display
45d0b37 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_FB_MSM_UD_FLIP
86b67b2 msm: mdss: Fix cal dst_y of pipe during FLIP_UD
d068bd7 msm: mdss: Fix the LCD UD Flip
7e64a6f msm: mdss: enable continuous splash feature.
d0d9684 display: mdss: Modify the clock register values to enhance the frame rate
de53eaa msm: clock-8974: Enable the uart1 serial
c76f33d Clean up AndroidKernel.mk to use dt compile in kernel
3c9d176 msm: Modify the TRACE_INCLUDE_PATH for stand-alone build.
0abd4e7 hammerhead: Initial board files
ec51c97 Add make_defconfig.sh
b863a91 arm/dt: msm8974: Add a low power level with XO on and L2 off
3a20752 arm/dt: msm8974: Remove PLL commands for Standalone PC
d559cda1 arm/dt: msm8974: Update power management devices for v2
80fc9cb msm: mdss: export mdp capabilities to user space
9e07430 mdss: Support continuous splash for 8974 V2
c8b3355 vt: fix race in vt_waitactive()
fb584e0 timekeeping: fix 32-bit overflow in get_monotonic_boottime
1ea0609 msm: mdss: update var in display commit
5446718 printk: fix buffer overflow when calling log_prefix function from call_console_drivers

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