hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

059b3dd msm: mdss: support recovery mode on 8x10
b01fda7 msm: mdss: fix the mdp dsi clock dependency issue on 8x10
b742e00 msm: mdss: Add support for DCS read command for split display
1227fc6 msm: mdss: Modify SMP bitmap implementation to accomodate 44 MMBs
5d84cd1 msm: mdss: disable irq when display is off on 8x10
01d2c93 mdss: ppp: Prevent ppp from blitting req that is already completed
f4667d2 msm: mdss: Restrict SMP buffer reservation
6acc195 msm: mdss: Adjust writeback mixer offset
bf1af2e msm: mdss: Release smp's held for writeback mixers
3877ff5 msm: mdss: support wfd and rotation simultaneously
9a38b6c msm: mdss: parse device tree for dedicated wfd blk property
683072c msm: mdss: Fix MDP version check for Continuous Splash feature
80bf991 msm: mdss: Add support for additional pipes of apq8084 MDSS
d61040c mdss: Display: Add bus clocks to be part of DSI clock control
8f90773 msm: mdss: Balance mdp and dsi clocks for command mode panels
941ec77 msm: mdss: fix the ION memory leak on 8x10
110eed6 msm: mdss: fix the IO MMU page fault on 8x10
80f7a2c msm: mdss: add histogram and lut support for 8x10
55d54a2 msm: mdss: Add read/write buffer support for calibraiton tool
de60b59 msm: mdss: support DSI command mode interface
e682be9 mdss: ppp: Release mutex when parse request failed
de65514 msm: mdss: Change vsync dispatch mechanism
5911608 msm: mdss: refactor phase step scaling
12c6e92 msm: mdss: keep reference of rotator output buffer
ca5de7c msm: mdss: refactor ctl layer mixer programing
84c2cd6 msm: mdss: change MDP writeback priority
4d4cf7f msm: mdss: support FB memory reservation removal on 8x10
d55ae3b msm: mdss: Avoid null pointer dereferences
a373704 msm: mdss: Reveal finer error details for Assertive Display
c84ad6d msm: mdss: fix the vsync event notification on 8x10
31bcb97 mdss: display: Delay DSI PHY disable for DSI Broadcast mode
d9ccd05 msm: mdss: turn off DSI PHY DCDC regulator on 8x10
909097f msm: mdss: Prevent non-zero backlight following display blank
0fe7401 msm: mdss: parse the DSI command mode panel properties
11ac11b msm: mdss: unsecure buffer if map fails
9fbd717 msm: mdss: Fix for histogram update for dual display panel
2bb24d5 mdss: display: enable/disable VIDEO_DONE at wait4video_done
c426f15 mdss: display: send multiple dcs commands with one transmission
c9a281b msm: mdss: Avoid enabling both decimation and BWC
6b47d94 msm_fb: mdss: mhl: implement suspend/resume
c7e37fdb msm: mdss: Return src format changes during overlay set
33e26e6 mdss: mdss_fb: remove mmio access through mmap
b2a8bae msm: mdss: Reduce assertive display log messages

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