hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

55e32e1 msm_sdcc: remove 5-second mdelay on command timeout
381ce03 mdss: Validate sync timeline object before inc
4d8d150 msm: clock-mdss: set clk rate when the cached rate has no change
6d4330c msm: clock-mdss: Do not toggle lock detect during handoff
fe4638f msm: clock-mdss: Toggle lock detect before checking for PLL lock
f0e5c7c msm: clock-mdss: Move DSI PLL enable seq to prepare ops

Bug: 10810261
Bug: 10551769
Bug: 10973052
Bug: 10769255
Bug: 10953656
Change-Id: Icc5d25394aef3eca81bc64113dc5cd95f4ce7916
2 files changed
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  1. vmlinux.bz2
  2. zImage-dtb