hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

9f1587b hammerhead_defconfig: Enable Avago APDS9930 sensor
0dbe24a Sensors: Add Avago APDS9930 driver
8cfbb00 power: bq24192: notify to usersapce when charge done
be21c7c thermal: qpnp-adc: add tm channel irq disable feature
5f45242 power: bq24192: change minimum ibat value as latest data sheet
5eadfd1 power: bq24192: change log level of unimportant debug messages
7d4b4cf power: bq24192: disable step down notify when power is changed
0e754dc arm/dt: hammerhead: set wireless charging current to 768mA
fa792bd power: bq24192: set current limit of wireless charger by ibat setting
fe8733f power: bq24192: sync online prop of wireless charger with main charger

Bug: 8968282
Change-Id: I65badf2928d6330da999f284ce9780e422eece6a
1 file changed
tree: 05d322f2601ab9d0e0bb79f8e2bb85cf82ec66f3
  1. zImage-dtb