hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

f094079 ASoC: msm: Add support to query the channel map info
6c6d775 Revert "ALSA: null check of info->chmap"
2513bda Bluetooth: Remove sysfs entry if hid connection is disconnected
a1695a2 leds: leds-qpnp: Enable PWM and LPG configuration from userspace
4841d28 USB: gadget: mtp: Fix OUT endpoint request length usage in read
8b915ac gpu: ion: Attempt heaps in the order given
4ebe845 msm_fb: hdmi: change inline functions to macros
473404d mmc: msm_sdcc: fix pwrsave bit handling
c1df6ab mmc: sdhci-msm: fix pwrsave bit handling
729acda msm: mdss: calculate performance requirements during pipe setup
6e6f509 sched: re-calculate a cpu's next_balance point upon sched domain changes
21a50ab sched: Make sure to not re-read variables after validation
01240c4 ARM: 7643/1: sched: correct update_sched_clock()
91ba345 ARM: 7565/1: sched: stop sched_clock() during suspend
e69e64a ARM: 7486/1: sched_clock: update epoch_cyc on resume
2b8cb42 msm: mdss: fix BWC stride calculations
3ae90c2 msm: mdss: use panel framerate for performance calculations
f8fa89f ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Apply cached volume and mute at call start
c732362 msm: mdss: Introduce timeout on wb task complete
822a003 leds: leds-qpnp: Add blink sysfs entry support
4ea6296 msm: Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX=y for targets
4384589 msm: kgsl: Only initialize process structure once
0046547 arm: add DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX option to Kconfig
802fc16 arm: mm: Define set_memory_* functions for ARM
f44c032 arm: Add definitions for pte_mkexec/pte_mknexec
c952a6e msm: bcl: Calculate current available using vbat and rbat
d7c290d3c power: qpnp-bms: Check for initialization of bms_psy
1fbb8fb ASoC: msm: Ignore unexpected events from dsp
7d47dde msm: mdss: Avoid null pointer deref in writeback terminate
4945022 msm: vidc: Update the minimum supported bit rate for encoder
128c6cb msm8974: mdss: dsi: uncached alloc for dsi buffer
814158f arm/dt: msm8974: Enable MDSS periph memory retention
8642aeb msm: gdsc: Separate CORE and PERIPH memory retention control
c7e8c9f ARM: dts: msm: Remove power down sequence in L2 memory.
291dc9d ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: fix broken unmap memory regions
fca89fe coresight: add jtag fuse state query
6280b0e coresight: add coresight fuse state query
92c5672 ARM: dts: msm: add jtag fuse device for 8974
7961ceb coresight: add jtag fuse driver
8c608fc defconfig: 8974: enable coresight fuse driver
15a89cf ARM: dts: msm: add coresight fuse device for 8974
21a671c coresight: add coresight fuse driver
efdcd5c coresight: remove hotplug locking from etm probe
be5e3f8 coresight: use trigin 2 for cti reset trigger for tmc-etr
852a256 msm: mdss: Add absolute backlight control for assertive display
c455870 msm: mdss: Toggle notify state with power state
7b059c8 msm: vidc: adjust computed frame rate to standard fps.
329f02e msm: socinfo: add support to recognize the xpm board
7b1c4d4 USB: dwc3: core: Set elastic buffer mode to zero
bde3a65 msm: camera_v2: Free actuator i2c tbl memory
43a35a5 msm: vidc: Add support for V4L2_CID_MPEG_VIDC_SET_PERF_LEVEL
040847a msm: msm_bus: Fix division by Zero error in kernel
4fd5477 msm: vidc: Make msm_vidc_mode bitwise
0e4870a usb: ehci-msm-hsic: fix runtime suspend when IPA not used
ca89dab msm: 8226: add support for msm8226 variants
ebded66 msm: vidc: (Re-)Centralise event notifications
8500077 ARM: dts: Add bus bw voting to IOMMUv0 nodes
6547c00 iommu: msm: zero out the bus_client in __put_bus_vote_client
1078ab7 msm: mdss: Update notify returns notify state
590474b msm: mdss: Update notify on assertive display calculation
9183647 msm: mdss: Enable assertive display backlight calibration
d528901 msm: mdss: Initial calibration mode implementation
84394dc power: qpnp-charger: check base address in qpnp_chg_write/read
7988b66 msm: camera: Fix CCI error timeout issue
35450df ARM: dts: msm: Add active-only RPM regulators for S1, S2 and L12 on apq8084
988a316 msm: mdss: detach the SMMU when display goes off
332f372 mdss: ppp: add sync point to ppp, allowing for async ppp blit
b5b8ca0 msm: mdss: Different name for ppp bus on mdp3
66c9303 crypto: msm: Designate memory chunk for ignore_buffer
d8a588c msm: camera: Clear Framebased enable bit
5c73fd9 arm/dt: msm8226: add device tree support for 8x26 v2
b28913c msm: 8084: Add clock support for SPS
b15a84e board: krypton: Add aux-data
b3517e3 input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: Add user control of power mode
eb631b3 input: synaptics_i2c_rmi4: Remove regulator_en property
d5aa866 hammerhead: Update defconfig to match ion code refactor
c097065 iommu: msm: Refactor code to separate compilation
aa2c50b msm: Fix race condition in domain lookup
a231afa msm: Add null-pointer checks for domains
689efba ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: fix possible race condition
d80ce29 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: deliver correct return value
d013f04 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: fix improper usage of atomic operations
3cf4029 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: fix wait_event_timeout return value check
a146c689 msm: mdss: Increase base fence timeout
0b98951 board: apq8084: Add dummy clocks for IOMMU
2955483 arm/dt: iommu: Move gdsc property to derived nodes
2e4fac2 iommu: msm: Make regulators optional
6107cf8 arm/dt: iommu: Move property to derived nodes
d29d9bc gpu: ion: Set the dma address for pages from the page pool
bfa6b63 msm: footswitch-8x60: Skip GFX memory power collapse on 8064
3f9f78a msm: footswitch-8x60: Update 8064 footswitch_enable() sequence for GFX3D
5794932 ASoC: msm8974: Update dailink array
f4b0fdd ASoC: wcd9xxx: don't wait for mic volage to settle
0368c8d Revert ""msm: vidc: Use aligned width and height while calculating load""
0b78223 msm: netfilter: NATTYPE Refresh Timer Changes
d95c5fe msm: ipa: Changing message in wwan driver
d1d7369 msm: mdss: fix the dead lock in the MDP3 irq handling
1193707 msm: ipa: Bug fix in RM add_dependency
02b00b2 msm: ipa: Adding debugfs stats to IPA RM
b9b1d41 arm/dt: 9625: Enable delay before entering LPM
ae27fc7 arm/dt: msm8974: Disable WCNSS nodes on Dragonboard APQ8074
4ebcf5f USB: msm_otg: Fix BUG when updating charger current from 100 to 500
aea2f75 arm/dt: msm8226: modify wled current sink to 20mA
af483ce Revert "staging: android: ram_console: honor dmesg_restrict"
24213bd diag: Fix diag crash due to memory corruption
50410f7 usb: chipidea: udc: fix memory access of shared memory on armv5 machines
25b9a54 ASoC: msm8x10: Add dapm route map in asoc machine probe
8b67c9f ASoC: msm8x10-wcd: Add the internal bias for mic1
4996780 arm/dt: msm8610: move audio routing map into device tree
606eb7e9 input: ft5x06_ts: Add DT support
e276566 mmc: core: print message when card-detect status changes
271107c mmc: sdhci-msm: Initialize card-detect polarity
9dfed68 mmc: host: add capability flag for card-detect signal polarity
2cc5e7e msm camera2: Free actuator i2c register table memory
673791d defconfig: 9625: Enable thermal monitor driver in the kernel
6ff3662 gpu: ion: Copy client name into trace event
d135b20 of: slimbus: Avoid memory leak of boardinfo array
c199aa0 ASoC: 8226: remove unsed clock API
a14d4fa cpufreq: ondemand: Fix locking in store_powersave_bias
78f623f cpufreq: ondemand: Fix store_powersave_bias() race with hotplug
e4f760e arm/dt: msm8610: Add gpio_keys,i2c,emmc,sd,spmi support for qrd.
1e6c376 arm/dt: msm8610: Add qrd platform type support
6a6ad9d msm: mdss: modify watermark levels when horizontal flip is present
1e9d616 msm: mdss: update bandwidth  requests on clock switches
af8a7a1 msm: wfd: Invalidate output buffer when returned from Venus
9c3e87d msm: mdss: cleanup unused pipes during kickoff
d29e98c msm: mdss: Enforce interlaced format w,h alignment
3b66a26 arm/dt: msm8226: Add active-set only and sleep-set only regulators for L8
b0287d0 power: qpnp-charger; Turn on boost workaround for 8226
8aa23ef spi_qsd: Add high speed mode support
b7f2b78 mdss: display: Fix reset sequence for LGE panel
1d834df arm/dt: hammerhead: Set mipi dsi bit clock to 804.67MHz
1005c27 input: touch_synaptics_ds5: enhancing error checking
948ad13 ASoC: msm: Add support to query the channel map info
934fcfd Revert "ALSA: null check of info->chmap"
7bf47f5 crypto: msm: Process keydata for HW/PIPE key use case
c76a86b msm: vidc: Set V4L2_BUF_FLAG_KEYFRAME for IDR frames also
e5b9d2e msm: mdss: Separate fudge factors for bus requests
2c934ca slim_msm: Support TX message queues
cbbc624 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Use vsid as session id in voice driver
c67bdec defconfig: msm8226: enable the optimize for size option
636cf3e ASoC: 8974: remove unsed clock API
34f3d84 msm: vidc: Add error handling for session init failure
8fc2201 msm: bam_dmux: trigger modem subsystem restart in case of timeout
2eabd5f arm/dt: msm8974: Double the "ab" values for VIDC DDR bandwidth request
841ca13 arm/dt: msm8974: Add SMBB boost regulator support for flash
5090b85 leds: leds-qpnp: Utilize SMBB Boost Regulator for flash LED
ec3a531 arm/dt: msm8610: Add active-set only and sleep-set only regulators for L10
af5b706 msm: pm: send notification only for SPC and PC
921eb17 diag: dci: Check for request pkt length being lesser than minimum length
66b1026 defconfig: msm8226: Enable fixed regulator driver
826b6f7 arm/dt: msm8974: Add data to enable dual mode config for Krait
cd58e51 msm: msm_bus: Add support for dual configuration for bus masters
f90389f Perf: Add cortex A7 perf support
608971f USB: msm_otg: Return correct error code from probe
bbcc081 usb: ehci-msm: Specify DMA coherent mask
5b244f7 msm: ipc: Fix potential AB-BA deadlock
047d1c4 msm: Kconfig: Select CPU_FREQ_MSM for 9625
a9ea88b msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Set the force stop bit and wait for ack when necessary
3f74f6e msm: fix in-tree compilation for perf_trace_counters
e791dfc mdss: display: return proper value at wfd wait4comp
1991900 msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Increase timeout for PBL and MBA boot to 1 second
2ff0826 power: qpnp-bms: Prevent SoC from being stuck after EoC
c7309ec gcc-wrapper: trim whitelist for gcc 4.7
02f00fa Turn off -Wmaybe-uninitialized when building with -Os
a216d9e gcc 4.7 cleanups
c06e809 msm: pil-q6v5-mss: Skip Q6 shutdown sequence when restarting MSS
1b0d5e2 msm: mdss: correctly retrieve panel framerate for command mode
52fc98e signal: always clear sa_restorer on execve
7d5b058 msm: mdss: cleanup MDP interrupt handling logic
b331ec1 msm: mdss: cleanup dsi interrupt handling logic
a71c708 msm: mdss: remove YUV upscale limitation
66a9a8a msm: mdss: turn off the DSI PHY when powering down the panel
fdcebe5 arm/dt: msm8926: Add regulator for modem device
30719c8 msm: ipa: Change the value of HOLB timer
c16d142 ARM: msm: Add a USB OTG fixed regulator device for MSM8226 MTP and CDP
7f85b56 msm: ipa: Send state changed event from IPA RM
23688e6 power: qpnp-bms: detect constant voltage charging more accurately
f410940 arm/dt: pm8941/pm8226/pm8110: increase vddsafe
17861f8 power: qpnp-charger: Introduce vddmax adjustments
da52c74 power: qpnp-charger: Fix software end of charge conditions
5439d24 power: qpnp-bms: Fix SoC smoothing upon resume
cae71e5 msm: camera: Fix for camera crash
7f24286 gpu: ion: switch to using kmalloc for the secure chunk list
e417ff7 msm: camera_v2: handle error notify private ioctl.
cf58677 msm: pcie: fix PCIe RAM issue on APQ8064v1
f58ec6c msm: thermal: Replace __cpuinit with __ref to support non smp
c664ef6 mmc: msm_sdcc: Vote for MSM bus clocks before enabling iface_clk
317c5d2 ASoc: msm: Fix for pcm_read getting stuck in alsa core
eb8b3b9 media: dvb: Fix demux event notification for section filters
f0d8db0 arm/dt: msm8974: Add bus scaling configuration for TSIF
e198e21 tspp: Vote for msm-bus clocks before enabling tspp clocks
c3572c1 usb: gadget: Allow transfer of large packets over SMD
ddbc467 ASoC: msm8974: register for codec up event
2a2ba50 ASoC: wcd9320: Add support for notification of codec events
c2d1910 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix bugs in listen client and server
4f530b1 ASoC: msm: add api to query status of Audio services in QDSP6
ffd8a22 media: dvb: Fix parsing of SDMX results
67ab052 msm: thermal: Refactor core control mitigation only for smp
7466ec4 msm: ipc_logging: Add ipc logging context destroy API
3ce7b4c msm8974-Camera: Fix the reset stable issue on DB 8074
90d059c msm: mdm: Fix bug in retrieving driver's private data
c4af044 usb: usb_bam: hsic consumer request not necessarily resume the hsic core
1aa7c38 crypto: msm: Add support for setting ctx flags
4c18fd8c Revert "staging: android: ram_console: honor dmesg_restrict"
5263249 mdss: display: Fix reset sequence for LGE panel

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