hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

53203b8 leds: leds-qpnp: set VPH_PWR_DROOP threshold to 2.9V
9f6fa73 leds: leds-qpnp: change flash ramp rate and disable self-check
05771da Revert "led: leds-qpnp: sustain PHY_VBUS high to disallow USB disconnect."
2d67e81 Revert "Revert "arm/dt: msm8974: Add SMBB boost regulator support for flash""
fc59376 arm/dt: hammerhead: enable qpnp SMBB boost for flash led
9262dad hammerhead_defconfig: enabling QPNP charger
b42d833 power: qpnp-charger: add option to enable SMBB boost only

Bug: 10839341
Change-Id: Ie9ad2676a76e85c9e95a1946a1cc08ab81bae45f
2 files changed
tree: 92e120fd67397487772993565e06c5d7befc4cb9
  1. vmlinux.bz2
  2. zImage-dtb