hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

8f05baa usb: charger: increase charger detection time to 10s
43bf03e hammerhead_defconfig: Enable SDHCI MSM platform driver
a337410 arm/dt: hammerhead: Switch to SDHCI by default
deb1655 hammerhead: Remap AUX data of msm_sdcc.x to sdhc devices
b0d5ec2 usb: host: hs_phy_irq wakeup only when host mode and controller lpm
46d958a Revert "arm/dt: hammerhead: disable hs_phy_irq for wireless charger suspend"

Bug: 9624473
Bug: 9800810
Bug: 10238906
Change-Id: I9dd74ff69128225c4c0552eb0309480fd234397c
2 files changed
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