hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel

e508e5f msm: mdss: Modify debug fs of LCD gamma tuning
9fc59fb ASoC: msm: Add MM_UL6 for MultiMedia6 capture.
c191cbb hammerhead_defconfig: Disable CORESIGHT and enable SCHEDSTATS
af98693 hammerhead_defconfig: auto-generated
208134b arm/dt: hammerhead: Update the i2c node on blsp1 qup1
00a42ea arm/dt: hammerhead: display: add 16 bits length dcs command support
7c6842e arm/dt: hammerhead: Move I/O devices to a dedicated SoC node
1835e29 Merge branch 'q3.4/android-msm-3.4' into android-msm-hammerhead-3.4

Change-Id: Id1e0c3100a35520a2750c6a220021b699fb30faa
1 file changed
tree: e7d637852f2bc5e39a13b5fa949772d2b5bfceba
  1. kernel